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Human flesh is the most common form of dust in the air, and makes up the bulk of what's known as “indoor air pollution”. So far, over 350 different types of indoor air pollution have been identified. Some common ones include pet dander, viruses, moulds, pollen, cleaning chemicals, and solvents from furniture, construction, and clothes.

Experts say that when children are exposed to large quantities of this dust at an early age there is a spike in the instances of asthma and allergies.

In fact, indoor air quality has become a hot topic over the past couple years with the discovery of “sick building syndrome”. This is a term used to describe the effects that moulds, viruses, and gases have on people who spend all their time in offices or otherwise indoors, and is responsible for all kinds of maladies.

Ultimately, the only real cure for sick building syndrome is a good dose of clean, fresh air. Barring that, there are many different air filtration and air purification devices on the market these days, each meant to eliminate the threat that indoor air pollution poses.

These are the best air purifiers available for your home or business. Make no mistake about it. They are made by a company with years of experience, that specializes in air purification. Unlike the infomercial company heavily marketing an inferior product, or the vacuum cleaner company that decided to 'get into the air purifier business'.

What types of particulate does an air purifier filter?

An air purifier filters dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other airborne particulate as small as 0.3 microns.

How does an air purifier work?

Dirty air is drawn into the air purifier through the inlet grill. Some of the units have a washable pre-filter that traps larger airborne particles. Air then passes through the carbon filter with help reduce odors and captures larger particles. The air then passes through the HEPA filter made of tightly woven fibers. Some units have electronic ionizers which further assist in particle removal. The fan then redistributes the filtered air throughout the room.

Before you buy a home air purifier

Indoor air pollution problem is a growing concern of more and more people. Not just out of curiosity. Fatigue, headaches, asthma, allergies, breathing difficulties, irritation of eyes, nose, and throat, high blood pressure, heart problems, poor mental performance - coming from various indoor air pollution factors - all cry for attention.

There are reasons why the indoor air quality problem has grown in last decades. First, due to energy conservation initiatives of the 1970s, new buildings are much more air tight, blocking the natural home ventilation of the incoming outdoor air. Without enough attention to ventilation, the air tight buildings conserve and accumulate carbon monoxide, radon, and other pollutants.


I'd like to start off by mentioning that "immeasurement" is not a word. If this author is going to write on a subject that has to do with the business environment in the United States, why does he need to make up words? This is just silly and sets the tone for the rest of the book.

The people that have read this book and really take something away from it must have been exceptionally poor managers or exceptionally simple workers. If you're really interested in why your employees are ...

A common theory to job satisfaction says that it is all about finding the "right job" that consists of interesting work and pays well. But, Lencioni elaborates: "My theory about job satisfaction was eroding quickly, especially as I met more and more people with supposedly great jobs who, like me, dreaded going to work. These were engineers and executives and teachers, highly educated people who carefully chose their careers based on their true passions and interests. And yet they were undoubtedl...

`The Three Signs of a Miserable Job' tells the intriguing fable of Brian Bailey. Brian is a successful manager and CEO, without a college degree, who converts his miserable employees into happy ones. We follow his struggles and highs and learn how humanity can lead to great business success.

Anyone who can relate to being miserably employed will benefit from the inspired solutions within this book. Patrick M. Lencioni shares his approach to making work rewarding and meaningful. Irrel...

This book was a great reminder for me as a manager on what I should be focusing on to keep my staff engaged in the business. Teaching these lessons fable style makes it easier to see the how and why....

Author uses a compelling short story to illustrate his ideas. The three "signs", anonymity, irrelevance,and immeasurement speak volumes about the negative impact each can have on our engagement, and gives a simple and powerfull message to all leaders as to where they should be focusing their efforts when leading their teams....

In his latest tantalizing tale, Lencioni once again clearly exemplifies it doesn't take a high-powered MBA to be a successful manager. Rather, Lencioni's college-less CEO character, Brian Bailey, adeptly applies the seemingly unforgotten practice of commonsense coupled with common courtesy to vastly improve and empower employees in two very unique environments.

Retired in South Lake Tahoe and recuperating from a ski injury, Brian restlessly reexamines how he was able to convert a sta...

This book discusses meeting the basic social needs of employees. It focuses on 3 problems: anonymity, irrrelevance, and immeasurability. There is a flood of light-weight management books, but this one at least discusses human needs. The best books on leadership are by people who understand humanity and social needs. The best books for relating humanity and management are the Mencius and the Analects. The best introduction to the Analects is Achieve Lasting Happiness by Canright, because the au...

How to Choose An Air Conditioner?
How does an air conditioner cool you?

An air conditioner is a piece of equipment that treats and controls the air temperature, humidity and cleanliness. It transfers heat and humidity from one space into another.

At the heart of every air conditioner is a compressor, which is a pump that circulates refrigerant through the cooling system. This refrigerant acts as a medium which extracts heat from one space and dissipates it into another. By circulating cool, dry and clean air through the room, an air-con helps keep you in cool comfort. The optimal temperature should be in the region of 24 degrees Celsius at relative humidity range of 55 - 65%.

What is a Compressor?
A compressor is the "heart" of the refrigeration circuit. It is a pump that circulates refrigerant through the system, just like the human heart circulates blood. This refrigerant is the medium which extracts heat from the room and dissipates it outdoors.


What type of air conditioner do you need?

There are two different kinds of air conditioning systems out there: a unit air conditioner, and a central cooling system. What's the difference? A unit air conditioner is the big box you put in your window, and a central cooling system hooks your entire house up to one system, and each room gets cooled through vents. Guess which one is more expensive?

If you're reading this SYW, then a unit air conditioner is probably what you're looking for. It's the best kind to get if you live in a small house, apartment or studio, or if you've just added an extra room on the house and don't want to hook an entire system up to it. It's also cheaper (usually costing in the $150 - $250 range if you get it on sale, but more about that later). If you have a relatively large house that you want to get cooled quickly with the flick of a button, then you might want to consider getting a central cooling system, but this can cost you thousands of dollars.


The first thing I loved about this book is that everyone has had at least one (a miserable job) AND wants NOT to lead an organization where anyone has that experience. I identified with so many of the pages! My husband asked me why I was laughing out loud while reading a book on leadership.
But more importantly, when I finished the book I thought, "I can do this." So many books on leadership, especially those dealing with change, leave me admiring the brilliant author, but at a los...

I raced through my copy of The Three Signs of a Miserable Job and all I could say to myself was, "He's done it again". Patrick Lencioni has used his amazing ability to "insight" his way right to the root of the problem with this newest offering. This time he turns his attention to people management. One of the hardest things about today's management/leadership literature is that most people can get through the material well enough, but it becomes harder (if not sometimes impossible) to apply the...

I first heard about this book through John Maxwell's Maximum Impact and was intrigued by the title. I got the book and read the whole thing in one sitting.
Excellent and quick read. Recommended for those who mentor, work, minister to adults....

This book is a great fable (like The Five Dysfunctions of a Team) that could describe any company and any manager. The situations and "signs" are common to many industries, so the concepts apply to a wide range of managers and employees. It's great for managers to learn how to get to know their employees' needs and for employees to learn what they need from their managers. I plan to share this book with my boss and other senior managers....

Topic and content are very relevant today. I think Mr. Lencioni is right on in his assessment of the three signs. It further strengthens the argument that a job is not just about money. Money is only one component. Without the other things that give you a reason to be involved and engaged in your work, you will more likely regret your time at work, instead of taking pride in your contribution. The story makes it easy to understand and connects to real world application....

There was yet another well-written business fable by Patrick Lencioni. Despite thinking that all the good business fables have already been written, author Lencioni pulls yet another rabbit out of the proverbial hat.

The book is stunning in its simplicity. Many human resources departments are apt to enroll troublesome managers in very expensive training programs. Typically these courses will not be as effective or as straightforward as this very simple lesson. The mere applicati...

I love this book. I have read tons of books on work, especially coming from HR. I think this is a great book for managers and employees a like. I even read it in 3 DAYS!!! For anyone who is struggling with what to make of their jobs or even people who are happy where they are, this is a great read. ...


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