A Thorough Inspection

A Thorough InspectionSilverman Helps with advice on how to give a home inspector the 'once-over'.

Finding a good home inspector is almost as important as finding that great house. If you're buying a lemon, you'll want to know about it before you sign on the dotted line.

Find out if your home inspector is affiliated with a professional association. You'll also want to be sure he or she carries errors and omissions insurance. Also, find out what your home inspector did before--was he or she a contractor? A real estate agent? This adds to their portfolio.

There are no government regulations for the home industry, so think twice before you hire a cheap inspector. This could be a sign of inexperience.

If your real estate agent suggests only one home inspector, ask for a couple more recommendations and check them all out. Remember: home inspection is ungoverned, unregulated and unlicensed, so you have to do your homework to get the best person to inspect your house.