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Friedrich electrostatic air cleaners are recommended for rooms of 465 sq. ft. These home and room air cleaners received a high AHAM clean air delivery rating for dust, smoke, and pollen removal. Air cleaner ratings, reviews, comparisons., and reports on Friedrich by consumer experts are available.

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Electrostatic plates in these Friedrich air purifiers are the secret to clean air delivery with no expensive filters to replace -- just wash the plates in the dishwasher. These air purifiers are recommended for 465 sq ft. and get top marks in clean air delivery from AHAM. With 4 stages of air filtration, including a pre-filter that can be hand washed and carbon filter for odor removal, these are purifiers are quiet and economical to run.

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Friedrich Electrostatic Air Cleaners are ideal for someone who...

  • Has a room in need of clean air as large as 600 sq. ft., but recommended for rooms of 465 sq. ft. or less for optimum cleaning power
  • Is responsible for hotel rooms, lobbies, restaurants, employee lounges, photo labs, sports facilities, pet shops, etc. that could use an air cleaner
  • Wants to provide allergy relief for family members, customers, and employees - harmful particles, odors, and fumes are filtered through a pre-filter, and then electrostatic collector plates
  • Wants to effectively reduce tobacco smoke and common nuisance odors thanks to a carbon filter
  • Wants an energy efficient air cleaner - this unit uses about the same amount of electricity as a household lightbulb
  • Doesn't want an air cleaner that requires expensive filter replacements; only the carbon filter needs to be replaced occasionally on the Friedrich

Features of Friedrich Electrostatic Air Cleaners

  • Uses electrostatic and carbon filters instead of a HEPA but has received high Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) from independent AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) laboratory tests
  • Indicator light feature so that you know the air cleaner is working properly
  • Safety interlock switch that shuts the air cleaner off when the access cover is removed.

How does the Friedrich electrostatic air cleaner work?

The Friedrich uses a 4 stage process to filter the air of particles, odors, and fumes:

  1. The air cleaner pre-filter catches the larger particles as room air is drawn through the rear grill.
  2. In the Ionizing section of the Electronic Cell, billions of microscopic particles become electrically charged as they pass through a powerful electric field.
  3. Collector Plates immediately attract these "charged" particles.
  4. Finally an activated Carbon Filter removes most common odors and fumes as the "clean air" is circulated back into the room

How to maintain Friedrich electrostatic air cleaners
You keep the air cleaner operating at peak efficiency by washing the electronic cell. You can either submerge the electronic cell in a bathtub or other suitable container and rinse, or you can wash it in an automatic dishwasher. These air cleaners come with one carbon filter.

Technical Specifications of Friedrich Electrostatic Air Cleaners


Friedrich Electrostatic Air Cleaner

W 19" x H 15" x D 21.5"

Fan speed of air cleaners
3 speeds

Air cleaner weight
28 lbs (12.7 kg)

Shipping weight

33 lbs (15 kg)

Air cleaner airflow
Low speed 225 CFM
Med speed 275 CFM
High speed 365 CFM

Input voltage
120 volts - self-regulating power supply eliminates line voltage fluctuations

Clean air delivery rate (high fan)
(amt. of clean air provided measured in cubic feet per minute of operation)
Dust 325
Smoke 300
Pollen 370

Air cleaner certifications
UL certified
AHAM certified Clean Air Delivery Rate rating

Air cleaner warranty
1 year

Reports by consumer experts on Friedrich Electrostatic Air Cleaners
Courtesy of Allergy Buyers

  • No doubt about it, this air cleaner is wonderfully easy to maintain. Changing the pre-filter or odor filter is as simple as sliding a new panel in and out of a slot.
  • Gone is the expense of replacing hepa filters and pre-filters. When electrostatic collector plates in the Friedrich are clogged you can just put them in the dishwasher. The pre-filter can also be vacuumed or washed in an all- purpose washing fluid and water.
  • The Friedrich is very quiet indeed which is one of its biggest strengths. Even on high speed, recommended for when smokers are around, it is pretty quiet. On low speed you have a hard time hearing it and for most home applications low speed is all you need.
  • The Friedrich does have a carbon filter plate which is cheap and easy to replace. It should be replaced frequently especially after being around smoke.
  • AHAM independently tested and well reviewed
  • Small in size compared to most other air cleaners


  • If you have an environment needing a lot of air cleaning, the efficiency of the electrostatic cell will degrade pretty quickly and you may need to give the electrostatic collector plates a weekly bath.
  • When the electrostatic plates need cleaning, the machine sounds like a bug zapper going off . Even when it doesn't need cleaning you will hear little zapping sounds periodically.
  • One of our staff who is ultra sensitive really did not like this machine. Either the Friedrich was out gassing, or there was some small amount of ozone being generated [a by-product in all electrostatic machines]. She complained of the smell and said she was getting a headache.
  • Although the Friedrich has a carbon filter, it does not have sufficient carbon for major VOC or heavy odor removal. The plus is that the carbon filter is cheap. The minus is you will need to replace it often if you are relying on it for odor removal
  • We wished that this air cleaner came with casters and a handle for easy portability