Air Conditioner Cover

Customer Reviews:
  • Waste of Money
    TGhe time comes in two parts. first, a sheet of plastic you are supposed to cut around the air conditioner leaving extra space on all sides. They don't tell you you can't use this unless you have space beneath the air conditioner to fit this sheet, plus the bulky cover. Of course this is not mentioned in the ad. Further, the quilted cover itself is impossible to work with. I bought small cover based on the measurements described in the ad. Yet, the cover itself, wouldn't go around the a/c unit. once you put it around the top and tried putting it below, the top would slip off. Same going the other way. I ended up cutting and taping the piece of plastic around the A/C and hoping it stays. The unusable quilted cover is just a memory of a bad buy. Save your money and use bubble wrap....more info
  • Excellent -- excellent -- excellent.
    Well worth the money. No more draft of ice cold air leaking in under my air conditioner. Which, especially on windy days, felt like a window open a crack. Chilly toes!

    These covers are heavy duty vs cheezy. I'm sure I'll be able to reuse them next season. They're insulated, wind stopping & have a VERY stong elastic edge. The latter being critical because without a tight seal drafts will continue. No drafts---even without the tape (they provide) around the edge. I'd recommend these babies....more info
  • Nice alternative to blow drying plastic
    I brought 2 air conditioner covers after seeing it at a friend's house. Yes I must admit, I did like the "look" of the cover and really didn't investigate further if indeed this would keep the cold out. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprise how well it keeps the cold out and how nicely it snugs around my air conditioners. Fits great on my through the wall units and yes, the "look" really compliments the room. No ugly plastic this year....more info
  • So So
    The cover was extremely snug and difficult to get on, although it was the right size according to the listed sizes it was supposed to fit. It worked fine the first season, however while the cover itself is reusable, it only comes with enough foam and tape for one application, so if you want to reuse it in future seasons, you'll need to replace those....more info
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Product Description

Seal your air conditioner to prevent cold drafts. When your air conditioner is idle in cold weather, it can rob your home of heat. The solution: place this quilted insulating cover with wind-block liner over the front of your air conditioner. It's easily installed with a snugly fitting elastic binding.