Air Conditioner Knowledge


  1. Advice & Features: 10 Summer Home Maintenance Tips
  2. 10 Most Popular Pool Ideas
  3. Making Sure Your Heat Pump Is Ready for Warmer Weather
  4. How to find a good energy-efficient ceiling fan
  5. Installing a Window Air Conditioner
  6. Installing an In-Wall Air Conditioner
  7. Installing a Whole-House Fan
  8. Basic Maintenance for Your Central Air
  9. When is it time to replace?
  10. Air Conditioner Maintenance
  11. Checklist: Air Conditioner Maintenance
  12. Checklist: Monthly Maintenance
  13. Checklist: Spring Cleaning
  14. Breathing Better In Your Home


Questions About Home Sealing

Recommendations for Finding a Contractor

How does a time-of-use program with the power company work?

How does a water-cooled air conditioner work?

Understanding Your Power Needs

Emergency Power Options and Goals

Periodic Maintenance

Making It Work

Inside a Humidifier

Zoned Heating & Cooling Systems

Companies warm to idea of upping air-con temperatures

Energy efficiency standards set for air-conditioners

Price of exported home appliances surge

Price war cooling off for household appliances producers


How many solar cells would I need in order to provide all of the electricity

How much ice would I have to store up in the winter in order to air condition

The Refrigeration Cycle

Success Story: A.O.K. Auto Body

Success Story: Circuits Engineering, Inc.

Success Story: Music Contact International

Heating & Cooling Systems

Maintenance Checklist

Properly Sized Room Air Conditioners

Energy Saving Ideas for Your Home

Dust  Diagnosis

Why are my power bills so high? Which appliances use the most power?

How does a dehumidifier work?

How does a heat pump work?

Cut your power bill with these everyday energy savers

Ceiling fans are efficient, stylish and more powerful than ever

10 easy ideas to maximize a small garden

Stormy Weather

2001 Small Business and Congregations Award Winners

2002 Small Business and Congregations Award Winners

Now compare a cooler with an air conditioner

Thinking of installing air conditioning of any kind

Beat this summer with an air conditioning equipment

A Split AC unit

Air conditioner cools the car swiftly

Review On Choosing an Air Conditioner

Review On Choosing an Air Conditioner by flipvertical

Review On Choosing an Air Conditioner by ee00224

ETL Verifies the Performance of MovinCool Portable Air Conditioners

MovinCool Portable Air Conditioners

Comparing test units to the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute

Choosing an Air Conditioning System

The Refrigeration Cycle


Zoned Heating & Cooling Systems

Companies warm to idea of upping air-con temperatures

Energy efficiency standards set for air-conditioners

Price of exported home appliances surge

Price war cooling off for household appliances producers

Retailers rush to sign air conditioner deals

Air Conditioner Shading

Wet-Spray Cellulose Quandary

Affordable Comfort Heads West

Welcome To Home Energy Magazine Online

Where Radiant Barriers Really Shine

Florida Home Gets Energy Makeover

An Ounce of Prevention: Residential Cooling Repairs

Saving Energy in Military Family Housing

East Meets West: Gas-Fired Heat Pumps

Thermostats That Feel the Heat

Ventilation/Cooling Method Needs User Input

Improving Air Conditioning Efficiency

Acid Rain

Advanced Section- Air Conditioning Overview

Room Air Conditioner Problems

Global Warming

The Sciences Explorer - Physics Factoids

Uses of the Rainforest

Air Conditioner handles military and harsh environments

Air Conditioner has 20.5 SEER energy efficiency rating

Air Conditioner helps prevent system failures

Air Conditioner is rated NEMA 44x

Air Conditioner operates in tough environments

Air Conditioners cool electronic enclosures

Air Conditioners offer lead-lag controller option

Air Conditioners offer low and high pressure control

Air Conditioners protect sensitive equipment

Air-Conditioner helps preserve cellar-kept wine

Cooling Systems suit NEMA 4x enclosures

Enclosure Air Conditioner can be mounted inside or out

Enclosure Air Conditioner works indoors or out

Evaporative Cooler offers alternative to air conditioner

Filter Fans offer airflows from 32-988 cfm

Heat Exchanger features NEMA 44X rating

Operator Interface suits industrial control applications

Personal Space Cooler suits small businesses and offices

Portable Air Conditioner cools small rooms and data closets

Portable Cooling System operates from 115 V power source

Power Modules control appliance motors

Rack Mount Enclosure includes solid state air conditioner

Thermoelectric Air Conditioner has 2,500 BTUhr capacity

Thermoelectric Air Conditioner has 8 x 6 in. footprint

Tractors feature hydrostatic transmission

Truck Air Conditioner runs on 12 Vdc power





Air Conditioning Your Home





New or Used?


How to Calculate Air-Conditioning Costs

Other Factors to Consider Before Buying a New Unit

Federal Buildings Initiative



Heating, Cooling & Comfort - Choose a Products

Heating, Cooling & Comfort - Choose a Products

Proposed Modifications to the Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Air

Summer Tips for Your Home

Buying a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Tips on Saving Energy in Your Home

Managing Energy Costs in Office Buildings

Managing Energy Costs in Restaurants

About Evaporative Swamp Cooling

Blueair Air Purifiers with Ionizer (Models 601, 501 and 402)

Humidity Reminders

Miele : "Red Star - with Hepa" Vacuum Cleaner

Air Quality Becomes An Issue With Hotels.

How to use your Air Cleaner most effectively

Air Purifiers Vacuum Cleaners Vapor Steam Cleaners Dehumidifiers Humidifiers

E-Community: Resources

New Cooling Systems

Cycle Your Air Conditioner

Cooling Tips

Summer Savings Are Cool

Air Conditioning

Ceiling Fans

Geothermal Heat Pumps

High Efficiency Air Conditioning

Replacement Electric Water Heaters

Geoexchange Systems

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Ice Makers

Managing Energy Costs in Hospitals

Managing Energy Costs in Retail

Managing Energy Costs in Schools

Packaged Rooftop Air Conditioners

Room Air Conditioners

Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors

Protecting Your Electronic Equipment

The Cato Institute: Public Policy Analysis, Limited Government, Free Markets

Leave Those Air Conditioners Alone!

Mandated Madness: Energy-conservation zealots 1, consumers 0

The Lethal Hot Air of Summer

The Silly Season

Commercial & Industrial Energy Audit

Dencor Digital Demand Controller

Improper generator installation risks injury or death

Check Your Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Power Quality

Warm Floor Heating?

Make the Most of Your AC


A FANtastic Alternative

Air Conditioner Maintenance Saves Energy

Alternate Ventilation: A Cool Idea for Iowa Homes

Boost Energy Efficiency with A New Air Conditioner

Boost Summer Cooling Efficiency

"Cool" Hot Weather Habits

Cut Utility Bills by Blocking Summer Heat

Properly Sized Room AC

Sizing and Installation

Air-Source Heat Pumps and Central Air Conditioners Key Product Criteria

Central Air Conditioner and Air-Source Heat Pump Specification

Recommendations for Finding a Contractor

When is it time to replace?

Appliance Energy Data

Federal Trade Commission

Cooling Your Home: Don't Sweat It

Taking the Scare Out of Auto Repair

Heating and Cooling Your Home

Home Insulation Basics: Higher R-Values = Higher Insulating Values

Central Air Conditioners

Heat Pumps

Evaporative Coolers ("Swamp Coolers")

Ducts/Duct Sealing

Room Air Conditioners

Heat Pumps

Better Breathing Thanks to Good Science


Central Air Problems

Central Air Repairs

Electrical Systems

Room Air Conditioner Repairs

Thermostat Repairs

Central Air Conditioning


Room Air Conditioners


Protect your window air conditioner against the elements during the "off

Unique Ceiling Fan also works as a heater in winter!

Portable Air Conditioner rolls from room to room

Air-conditioner repair con

Air Conditioning, Furnace vs. A/C


Air Conditioner Maintenance

Checklist: Air Conditioner Maintenance

Checklist: Spring Cleaning

Air-conditioner repair con

Guide to Saving Energy - The Green Gate

The Benefits of Reinstating the Clinton Air Conditioner Standard

Conservation and Energy Efficiency

Efficient Appliances Save Energy -- and Money

How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

DOE Shift on Air Conditioners: Cold Comfort to Consumers and the Environment

Mending Fences

Cool Customer

Custody Concerns

A Thorough Inspection

Shutter Bugged

Hard Water Rebate

Lost In A Vacuum

Sale-ing Away

Condo Confusion

Tanks For The Memories

Concerted Effort

Unsettled Settlement

Vacuum Packed

Breathing Easier

Cheque Mates

A New Air Conditioner?

Adding a Vent

Air Drying Clothes

Appliance Insurance

Automobiles: Saving Gas and Our Air

Better Gas Mileage

Buying in Bulk

Canadian Frugality

Controlling Dust Mites

Controlling Frizzy Hair

Do Electrostatic Filters Work?

Electricity Savings

Inexpensive Cooling...Without A/C

Keeping Cool this Summer

Maintenance for Cooling Systems

Reducing Gas Usage

Reducing Heating Costs

Removing Mold from Your Walls

Replacing Windows

Saving Money and the Enviroment

Saving on Energy

Selecting an Air Purifier

Simple Electricity Savings

Summer Cooling

Summertime Savings

Way Cool: A Guide to Fans

Florida Home Gets Energy Makeover

Hot Water Improvements Top Warm Climate Weatherization Measures

Improving Air Conditioning Efficiency

Wet-Spray Cellulose Quandary

Affordable Comfort Heads West

Energy Prices Are Down

Black stains like this one in a doorway are often caused by soot from burning

Peak Cooling Reductions

Advanced Two-Stage Design Hits the Market

Saving Energy in Military Family Housing

Where Radiant Barriers Really Shine

Cooling By the Stars

Drawbacks Of Powered Attic Ventilators

East Meets West: Gas-Fired Heat Pumps

A/C Standards Bring Debate

Sizing Air Conditioners

Submetering II: In the Know with Electrical Flow

Will Duct Repairs Reduce Cooling Load?

Affordable Cooling with Window Air Conditioners

CBD-109. Air Conditioning Systems

Noise from Air Conditioners

Part Showcase: Air Conditioning Parts and Accessories

How to Maintain a Window Air Conditioner

How to Maintain Your Central Air Conditioner

All About HVAC

Energy-efficient Appliances

Home Maintenance Features: Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Parts and Accessories

Top-Rated Central Air Conditioners

Top-Rated Conventional Heat Pumps

ARI Celebrates Air Conditioning Appreciation Days

HVACR Consumer Information: How a Heat Pump Works

HVACR Consumer Information: How an Air Conditioner Works

Duct Diagnostic and Sealing

Energy Efficiency

Technical Library

Ask the RV Doctor

Do you really need an air conditioner?

How green is your home?

How to save the earth and your money

Solar water systems

Your cooling options

Your heating options

Ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning

Portable Air Condition Units

Portable Air Conditioner Units

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Cooler

Portable Indoor Air Conditioner

Portable Room Air Conditioners

Server Room Air Conditioner

Small Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Best Portable Air Conditioner

Windowless Portable Air Conditioner

Your home wiring: Is it safe

Central cooling systems: Save energy and money

Important features Air conditioners

Do It Yourself: A Cool Sorbet with Raspberry Sauce

Improve the look of your home by building a fence around your air-conditioning


Heating Up and Cooling Down, Pt. II: Monitoring the HVAC System


Air-Conditioning Maintenance

BTS - Rooftop Air Conditioners

DOE: Energy Savers - Cooling Tips

EERE: Building Energy Efficiency - Space Heating and Cooling

Active Solar Cooling and Refrigeration

Dehumidifying Heat Pipes for Air Conditioning

Ductless, Mini Split-System Air-Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

Energy-Efficient Space Cooling

Geothermal Heat Pumps Make Sense for Homeowners

Heat Pump Innovations

How Air Conditioners Work

Reducing Your Central Air Conditioner's Energy Use

Tips for an Energy-Efficient Apartment

Upgrading or Choosing a New Central Air Conditioner

How to Buy an Energy-Efficient Central Air Conditioner

How to Buy an Energy-Efficient Commercial Unitary Air Conditioner

How to Buy an Energy-Efficient Room Air Conditioner

Energy Savers Tips - Window Air Conditioner

Central Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Rulemaking

Air Conditioning

Choosing a Room Air Conditioner

Choosing or Upgrading Your Central Air Conditioner

Cooling Your Home Efficiently

For Renters Only: Saving Energy in Your Apartment

Lowering Your Central Air Conditioner's Energy Use

Lowering Your Room Air Conditioner's Energy Use

STATE - Technology FactSheet

Rooftop Air Conditioner Update: Technology Procurement Winners Available for

Auto AC & the Ozone Layer Backgrounder

How to Keep Your Cool

It's Your Choice: Retrofitting Your Car's A/C System

What You Should Know about Refrigerants When Buying an AC Unit

Environmental Protection Agency Region 6 - Trees, Plants & the Environment

Is Smaller Always Better? Five Reasons Not To Fall Into This Trap With Air

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner Line

Heavy Duty Air Conditioner A Best Buy

New Dual Zone Ductless Air Conditioner

Three Types of Air Conditioners

The Air Conditioner Buying Guide

How Air Conditioners Work

A Refreshing Heat Quencher


Water Features

All About HVAC

Home Energy Checklist

The Ideal Home

Utility Energy Programs