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Decorating a child’s bedroom can be loads of fun. It’s almost as good as reliving your childhood when you get to pick out cartoon patterns for wallpaper and bedspread.

But when it comes to selecting the actual furniture a child will use, possibly for years to come, it is a good idea to look for functional pieces that will hold up well over time. For example, a canopy bed adds lovely tone to a girl’s bedroom, but it may not be a good idea for toddler, who might get tempted to climb the canopy rather than admire it.

Newer designs include practical pieces that are useful for storage endplay. One example is a hideaway toy shelf that can fold together and fit snugly into a child’s closet. Or you can select the type that sits along the wall for quick access by day and for putting things away at night.

Toddler beds come in all sizes, shapes, and designs. You can find one built like a racecar or shaped like a story tale princess divan. Smaller children will fit nicely into trundle designs, twin sizes, or low beds that are not very high so that children will not roll off and get hurt at night.

Children’s furniture is often made of tough vinyl or sturdy wood, depending on the quality and price you are looking for. It pays to shop several department stores and also children’s furniture stores to see what is available and what will work with your home’s décor. You might want to leave the kiddies at home to keep them from clambering for the themes they want rather than the ones you can afford.

Teach your kids how to care for and respect their room’s furnishings, which helps to build character in the children and preserve their furniture for years of use.

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