Air Conditioner helps prevent system failures

Prevent Systems Failures With The MovinCool Office Pro 10 Portable Spot Air Conditioner

LONG BEACH, CA. - Hot, grueling temperatures can cause heat-sensitive computer servers and other office systems to fail, crippling daily operations. MovinCool, the market leader in portable air conditioning, today announced the availability of the new Office Pro 10. With the highest performance available in a compact design, Office Pro 10 can help companies avoid costly downtime and repair of essential computer and telecommunication systems.

With today's growing trend towards smaller closet size telecom and server rooms, the Office Pro 10 makes air conditioning solutions possible virtually anywhere and installation a breeze through its compact, portable design. The unit is fully self-contained with no costly installation nccessary so it can simply be wheeled in, plugged into a standard 110V socket and switched on, instantly providing 10,000 BTU's of cooling.

The Office Pro 10 is the first and only portable air conditioner of its compact size to offer a fully integrated air exhaust system. This system features built-in supply and return air-flow to the condenser drawing in outside air to cool the condenser and exhausting hot air out of the room rather than back into the room which is being cooled. This integrated air-flow technology creates the most efficient cooling system possible.

During the reseach and development process for Office Pro 10, MovinCool discovered that many compact air conditioners fall short of the cooling capacity claimed on the packaging. The Office Pro 10 is the only portable cooling system in the industry to be verified by the Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL), utilized by OSHA and the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. In fact, last years test results showed that most MovinCool models outperformed its nearest competitor in terms of cooling capacity (Btu/h), energy efficiency (EER), and airflow (CFM) assuring quality performance and customer satisfaction.

"It doesn't take long for temperatures in a crowded server room to climb up to dangerously high temperatures, which can cause system damnage or failure," said John Doran, Manager of the MovinCool Department. "In order to keep your IT systems on-line it is important to consider a back-up or supplemental cooling system. The New Office Pro 10 is ideal for this purpose because it can be easily installed at a moment's notice, which is what companies need during a crisis."

Hot summertime temperatures can certainly push barely sufficient cooling systems over the edge. The trend towards smaller, more "heat dense" servers continue to outpace the capabilities of existing cooling systems. The flexibility of MovinCool allows companies to keep up with these ever increasing heat load demands without replacing their entire cooling systems.

MovinCool portable spot cooling solutions offer more units, more power, more protection and more affordability. Other benefits of the Office Pro 10 include fully automated operation with digital controls, 24/7 programmability and a full function remote for greater cornvenience and control.

Anyone looking for information on spot cooling and how to protect their systems can visit the MovinCool web site at or contact the company directly at 800-264-9573. MovinCool units provide higher cooling capacitics than most portable air conditioners, generating up to 60,000 Btu/h. The MovinCool web site offers details about which units best fit your application as well as a reference to the qualified dealer in your area.

MovinCool is a brand of DENSO, one of the world's largest manufacturers of automotive parts, robotics and spot coolers. The company pioneered the idea of portable cooling systems to meet is own automolive factory needs in Japan. Since then, MovinCool has designed a range of models designed to adddress the needs of offices and computer rooms. MovinCool is located at 3900 Via Oro Avenue in Long Beach, California, 800-264-9573. For more information, visit

Established in 1971 as the first overseas affiliate of the DENSO Corporation, DENSO Sales California, Inc., is an automotive components sales and distribution company that employs 252 people
in Long Beach, California. Sales for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2003, totaled US$563 million. The company's product lines include original equipment, aftermarket and re-manufactured automotive parts, heavy-duty diesel and electrical components, portable commercial air-conditioning units, panel coolers and industrial robots.

DENSO Corporation, headquartered in Kariya, Aichi prefecture, Japan, is a leading global supplier of advanced technology, systems and components. Worldwide, the company employs 90,000 people in 31 countries and regions, includling Japan. Consolidated global sales for the fiscal year ended March
31, 2003 totaled US$19.4 billion. DENSO common stock is traded on the Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya stock exchanges. In the Americas (North, Central and South America), DENSO employs 14,000
people with consolidated sales for the above fiscal year of US$4.5 billion.