How to Choose An Air Conditioner?

What is an air conditioner? How does an air conditioner cool you?

An air conditioner is a piece of equipment that treats and controls the air temperature, humidity and cleanliness. It transfers heat and humidity from one space into another.

At the heart of every air conditioner is a compressor, which is a pump that circulates refrigerant through the cooling system. This refrigerant acts as a medium which extracts heat from one space and dissipates it into another. By circulating cool, dry and clean air through the room, an air-con helps keep you in cool comfort. The optimal temperature should be in the region of 24 degrees celsius at relative humidity range of 55 - 65%.


What is a Compressor?
A compressor is the "heart" of the refrigeration circuit. It is a pump that circulates refrigerant through the system, just like the human heart circulates blood. This refrigerant is the medium which extracts heat from the room and dissipates it outdoors.


Why are Carrier's multi-split twin compressors superior ?
Carrier's revolutionary twin compressor system :

  • Is the only system that cools 5 rooms and 6 rooms respectively at one time
  • gives both power and economy
  • gives up to 50% in energy savings when cooling only one or two rooms


What is a Fan Coil Unit ? Fan Coil Unit

The Indoor Fan Coil Unit (FCU) is the part of the split unit housing the cooling coil that cools the room. Carrier's fan coil units come with a double effect air purifying filter. A revolutionary feature comprising an electrostatic and carbon activated filter. This filtering technology attracts airborne microscopic particles like dust, pollen, viruses, smoke and odour to give you odourless, cleaner and healthier air. Only Carrier offers the double effect air purifying filter as a standard feature found in all multi-split FCUs.


What is the difference between a window unit and a split system?

Air Purifying & Deodorizing FiltersA window unit is a self-contained packaged air conditioner. All components are housed within the unit. It is installed through an opening in the wall and no inter-piping connection is required.

A single split unit, as it's called, comprises 2 parts that make up a system air conditioner  the outdoor Condensing Unit (CDU) and the indoor Fan Coil Unit (FCU). The CDU consists of the compressor and a heat rejecting condenser coil. The FCU is a cooling coil that cools the room. Interconnecting piping between CDU and FCU is required to run this system.

A multi-split unit consists of 1 condensing unit connected to more than 1 fan coil unit thus having the capability to cool multirooms. The CDU can be single compressor or multi compressors. Because of the design, single split units and multi-split units are quieter than window units.

How to choose an air-conditioning system for the house?
To choose an air-conditioning system for your house, you need to:

  1. Decide on the areas that require air-conditioning.
  2. Have an aircon specialist determine the cooling capacity required.
  3. Determine the types of air-con that you want.
  4. Consider your budget.
What type of air conditioner do you need?

There are two different kinds of air conditioning systems out there: a unit air conditioner, and a central cooling system. What's the difference? A unit air conditioner is the big box you put in your window, and a central cooling system hooks your entire house up to one system, and each room gets cooled through vents. Guess which one is more expensive?

If you're reading this SYW, then a unit air conditioner is probably what you're looking for. It's the best kind to get if you live in a small house, apartment or studio, or if you've just added an extra room on the house and don't want to hook an entire system up to it. It's also cheaper (usually costing in the $150 - $250 range if you get it on sale, but more about that later). If you have a relatively large house that you want to get cooled quickly with the flick of a button, then you might want to consider getting a central cooling system, but this can cost you thousands of dollars.


Blueair Smokestop Filter for 402 Air Purifier

Soleus Air MAC-12K Portable Air Conditioner and Heater - 12000 BTU

Conair Ionic Metal 1875 Hair Dryer

Hoover U5753-900 WindTunnel Bagless Vacuum

Powr Flite PD500DX High Volume Air Mover with Handle and Wheel Set

Mini Dehumidifier

Austin Health Mate Jr. (700 sq. ft.--Sandstone)

Frigidaire FAC084N7A 8000-BTU Variable-Speed Room Air Conditioner with Remote

DeLonghi FreshZone Air Purifier (130) with True HEPA

Enviracaire 60001 Grade Air Purifier with IFD Filter

Electric Dehumidifier, 50 Pt

Dust Eater Hand-Held Mini Vacuum Cordless Cleaner Blower

Roomaid Portable HEPA Air Purifier

Babyliss Ionic Dryer With Porcelaine Ceramic Technology BABP6685

Cables Unlimited CLN-2000 Blow Off Duster

303-30520 Fabric 303 Convertible Top Kit-303 Convertible Top Cleaner AND the

Honeywell HFR-11 Pure HEPA Permanent Replacement Filter

Honeywell HRF-14 Pure HEPA Permanent Replacement Filter

Delonghi 3M Electrostatic Replacement Filter for DAP50 and DAP70 Air Purifier

Miele Style FJM Vacuum Bags Includes 2 Filters

Bissell 755A Lavender Essence Fiber Cleaning Formula 128 oz.

Soleus Air CFM-25E 25-Pint Dehumidifier with Humidistat

MagicAir 12 Volt Inflator/Deflator

Vac N’ Blo ™ Jr. 12 Volt Vacuum/Blower

Metro Vacuum VNB-83BA Vac N'Blo Auto Vac

Hunter 30027 HEPAtech Air Purifier and Ionizer, White

Hunter 30067 HEPAtech Air Purifier

Hunter 30124 HEPAtech 124 Air Purifier

Hunter 30251 HEPAtech Air Purifier

Hunter Replacement 30931 Filter for HEPAtech Air Purfiers

Hunter 30095 Quiet Flo Air Purifier

Hunter 30940 Replacement Filter for HEPAtech and QuietFlo Air Purifiers

Aireox Car Air Purifier

Holmes HM6000-U 3-1/2-Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

BaBylissPro Carrera Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

Air-O-Swiss 1355 Air Washer Humidifier/Purifier (Grey)

Bosch BSA2200UC Compact Plus Compact Plus Health Canister Vacuum Cleaner

DeLonghi DE50P 50-Pint Capacity DeHumidifier

Duracraft 5020 Replacement HEPA Filter

52318 Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bag (3 Pack)

Eureka 61515 Style J Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Friedrich C-90A Electronic Air Purifier

Goldstar DH504EL 50 Pint Electronic Dehumidifier - Energy Star qualified!

Honeywell Portable Air Cleaner [ Model 16100 ]

Honeywell 22500 Replacement Air Cleaner HEPA Filter


Hunter 0766201000 Replacement Pre-Filter

MicroAllergen Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Kenmore 5055 (3 pack)

Miele Style K/K Intensive Clean Vacuum Cleaner Bags (5 pack)

Miele STB101 Mini Turbo Brush

Slant/Fin Puri-Clear 55 Air Purifier w/ Ionizer

Revlon MoistureStay Ionic Hot/Cold Facial Sauna - RVS1112

Vidal Sasson VS291 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

Vidal Sassoon 1875W Ionic Hard Bonnet Dryer

Dyson DC14 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Honeywell HCM-630 QuietCare 3.0 Gallon Cool Moisture Humidifier

Air Purifier: Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier and Humidifier

Air Purifier: Amaircare Roomaid

Honeywell 16216 Honeywell Hepa-type Filter

Euro-Pro Shark Hand Held Cordless Sweeper

Revlon RV2771 Ion-Ceramic Large Round Thermal Brush

Vidal Sassoon VS7963 Ionic Thermal All Purpose Brush

Vidal Sassoon VS7964 Ionic Tunnel Vent Brush

DeLonghi Replacement Bags (for Super Scopa)

Shop Vac Industrial Push Sweeper

Hair Dryer ION Shine Ceramic

Solano Ion Hair Dryer 1875 Watts 201-32000

Metro Groomer's Third Arm

Nilotron Aerosol Starter Kit

Nilotron Aerosol Refill Citrus

Nilotron Aerosol Refill Premier Fresh

Metro Pet Towel

Wahl 5429-506 Hot Air Styler Plus Straightner

Cuisipro Long Handle Cleaner with Firm Brush

Dyson Dyzolv Spot Cleaner

K&N RC-2600 Universal Chrome Filter

K&N 33-2034 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2052 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2055 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2068 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2076 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2672 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2676 Replacement Air Filter

K&N E-0850 Replacement Air Filter

K&N E-1650 Replacement Air Filter

K&N E-1946 Replacement Air Filter

K&N E-3321 Custom Air Filter

K&N RU-1750 Universal Rubber Filter

K&N RU-2970 Universal Rubber Filter

K&N 33-2086 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2747 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 56-9320 Custom Racing Assembly

K&N 33-2734 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2136 Replacement Air Filter

Spectre 4770 Muscle Car Air Cleaner

Spectre 8136 Cone Air Filter - Blue

K&N E-2455 Replacement Air Filter

K&N RR-3001 Reverse Conical Universal Air Filter

K&N 33-2132 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2142 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2165 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2819 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2041-1 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2155 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2178 Replacement Air Filter

K&N RC-3870 Universal Chrome Filter

K&N RF-1041 Universal Air Filter

K&N RF-1042 Universal Air Filter

K&N E-1007 Replacement Air Filter

K&N E-1008 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2216 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2170 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2277 Replacement Air Filter

K&N E-0771 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2266 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2275 Replacement Air Filter

K&N RU-4740 Universal Rubber Filter

Lee's Medium Gravel Vacuum Cleaner

Metro Air Force Commander 3 Dryer

Commercial Bagless WindTunnel Clean Air Upright Vacuum, Black/Safety Orange

Dirt Devil 083400 Swift Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Bionaire BAP1500-U Tower Air Purifier

Bionaire BAP1225-U Galileo Air Purifier

Bionaire BAP1250-U Galileo Air Purifier

Wagan 110-Watt Smart AC Inverter

Conair Ion Shine Double Ionic Turbo Styler

T3 Tourmaline 1 3/4" Cermain Ionic "Wet-to-Dry" Flat Iron

T3 Tourmaline 1" Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron #83415

12-Volt Vacuum Cleaner

Auto Ionizer Air Purifier ..Car Fan Also Available

Bissell 17301 Grab 'n Go Cleaner

Bionaire BSSP101-U Febreze Scentstories Player

Air Purifiers - XJ-2100 Ionic Air Purifier by Surround Air

IQAir HealthPro Plus HEPA Air Purifier - Air Cleaner with with Gas and Odor

Sunpentown SF609R Swamp Cooler

CT3500 Programmable Thermostat by Honeywell

Holmes HAP725-U 99.97% HEPA Air Purifier

Vornado AC1-0005-02 (AQS15) True HEPA Air Quality System Air Purifier

Whirlpool AD50DSL 50 Pint Per Day Dehumidifier - Energy Star compliant

Goldstar DH304 30-Pint Dehumidifier - Mechanical Control

Whirlpool AD-65USM 65 Pint Ultra Low Temp Basement Dehumidifier, AD65USM

Replacement Particle Filters (pr)- Large

Heaven Fresh XJ 2000 Ionic Air Purifier

AllerTech? Filters 14" X 20" X 1" (4)

AllerTech? Filters 16" X 25" X 1" (4)

Air-Dryr Portable Dehumidifier

Damp Check Natural Dehumidifier

Damp Check Refill

3M? HEPA Mask

Bagless Cyclonic Fantom Hand Vacuum

Fedders V Chassis A6V08S2A 15" Slider/ Casement Air Conditioner w/ 8000 BTU,

Fedders V Chassis A1V10S2C 15" Slider/Casement Air Conditioner w/ 10,000 BTU,

Unistar 4-in-1 Swamp Cooler with Ionic Air Purifier, DF268.

Eureka 71B Hand-Held Vacuum

Elchim Uragano Ion Ionic hair dryer.

Haier HD-451E 45-Pint Dehumidifier - Energy Star Compliant, Electronic controls

DeLonghi DE400 40-Pint Dehumidifier

DeLonghi DE500 50-Pint Dehumidifier

DeLonghi DE400P 40-Pint Dehumidifier with Pump

DeLonghi DE500P 50-Pint Dehumidifier with Pump

My Cleaning Trolley Set with Hand Vacuum Cleaner

Honeywell/Enviracaire HEPA filter #22500

Honeywell/Enviracaire HEPA filter #24000

Honeywell/Enviracaire Prefilters #19002 (2 pk)

Waterbed Conditioner; large 16 oz. bottle

Space Gard Air Cleaner media #201, FITS 2200 & 2250

6613 Sunbeam Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

Eureka Style HF9 HEPA Filter 60285B

Generic Eureka Style EX Micro-Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Bags

EnviroCare Style CN-1 Vacuum Cleaner Bags for GE Canister

Ionic Toothbrush

Electrolux Legacy Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Electrolux Guardian Canister Vacuum Cleaner

HEPA fits Holmes #HAP240, 440, HE-30

HEPA filter fits HAP-300, HAP3004 (HAPF-40)

Honeywell/Enviracaire Preflilter #32002 (2 pk)

Honeywell/Enviracaire HEPA filter #21500

Roomba Virtual Wall

Pleated A/C & Furnace Air Filter 18x20x1 (6 Filters) MERV 12

Pleated A/C & Furnace Air Filter 18x25x1 (6 Filters) MERV 12

Pleated A/C & Furnace Air Filter 20x25x4 (6 Filters) MERV 12

Honeywell 21600 Replacement Air Cleaner HEPA Filter

Bionaire BAP1250 Air Purifier

MIELE 183 UPRIGHT 708776

Little Tikes Cleanin' Fun Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner

OxySpecial 4 Bottle Package OxyLift?/ OxyFlush?/ OxyEarth?/ ThreeLac

2 Pack of 1041 HUMIDIFIER WICK

BOSCH BSG71310 Formula M Class Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Black and Decker VF100H Replacement Filter for HEPA 15.6-Volt Cyclonic

Westinghouse WST1810 SweepEZE Vacuuming Dustbin with Automatic Infrared

Sanyo SC-180 3-in-1 Stick Vac, Canister, and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Silver

Black & Decker CHV1500 15.6-Volt HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster

CARUSO Professional Molecular Steam Hairsetter 30 Rollers & Carrying Case

Swiffer Sweeper Complete Pack with 2 Dry Sweeping Cloths & 1 Wet Mopping

Swiffer Dusters, 5-Count Box, with Extendable Handle

Swiffer Dusters Refills 10-count

April Shower APDS Shower Head Water Filter Dial-A-Spray

April Shower APHH Hand-Held Water Filter

Shower Head Purifier - Sprite Original Shower Hand-Held Chrome Water Filter HH

Austin Air Healthmate 400 Standard Hepa Air Purifier - Sandstone

HELEN OF TROY 1 inch Tangle Free Thermal Hot Air Brush Curling Iron (Model:

HAI 2 Professional Ceramic 2 1/4 inch Pressing Flat Iron Salon Model

F.O.N. Spray, 8 oz.

Wagan 2251 Smart Ac 120 Watt Invertor

Panasonic CW-XC55HU 5200 BTU Air Conditioner

Panasonic CW-XC65HU 6000 BTU Air Conditioner

Panasonic CW-XC85HU 7800 BTU Room Air Conditioner with Remote

Kirby Generation 3,4,5,6, Ultimate G and Sentria HEPA Bags PKG of 6

Bissell 3545-2 PowerGlide Platinum Upright Vacuum, Wine Red

Bissell 3600A Barbie Real Vacuum, Pink

All-Purpose Extreme Power

Pure Essence Labs - Ionic Fizz Magnesium Plus, World's Best Absorbed Magnesium

Casabella 28010 Zoom-Broom Hard Surface Floor Sweeper

Degree for Men Ultra Dry Body Responsive Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant,

Bissell 88063 PowerLifter Upright Deep Cleaner

T3 Cuatro Pelos Tourmaline Paddle Brush #83611

T3 Large Tourmaline Bristle Vent Brush #83621

T3 3.0" Large Ceramic Tourmaline Barrel Brush #83603

T3 2.5" Medium Ceramic Tourmaline Barrel Brush #83604


Teletubbies - Naughty Noo-noo! - Messy Messes and Terrific Tidying

Blueair 501 / 601 Standard Particle Replacement Filters (Set of 3)

HELEN OF TROY Regular 3/4 inch Professional Brush Curling Iron with Ergonomic

HELEN OF TROY 3/4 inch Tangle Free Thermal Hot Air Brush Curling Iron (Model:

HOT TOOLS Super Tool 2 inch Professional Curling Iron with Multi Heat Control


Generic Eureka HEPA Filter To Fit Eureka Part # 60285 (Made by VacFX)

Envirocare Microfiltration Vacuum Bag 15-Pack with 6 Filters

Dyson DC14 All-Floors Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Remington? Model 365 Mini-Dehumidifier

Hoover U8135-900 Savvy Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Koblenz The Cleaning Machine Floor Polisher 2-Speed - P820A

Hoover H3060 FloorMate SpinScrub 800 Hard-Floor Cleaner with Portable Detail Kit

Westinghouse WST1800 SweepEZE Vacuuming Dustbin with Automatic Infrared

Generic Honeywell Furnace Air Filter HWP16254 FC100A1029 FC200E1029 -- 5 Pack


Jobar Mini Blind Vacuum Attachment - JIB2101

Jobar Shutter and Blind Vacuum Attachment - JIB2102

Jobar Ceiling Fan Vacuum Attachment - JIB7700

Hoover H3030 FloorMate SpinScrub 500 Floor Cleaner

Maytag M7DH45B2A 45 Pint Dehumidifier

Maytag M7DH65B2A 65 Pint Dehumidifier

Eureka 5902AVZ Bagless Upright HEPA Vacuum

Sunpentown Portable Air Conditioner & Heater model WA-1230H

IQAir MultiGas GC Air Purifier - High Quality Gas and Odor Air Cleaner

Scunci 52068 Floor Steamer Accessory Kit for Scunci Hand Held Steamer

Ionic Hair Dryer- 2800

MIELE 4854915 Replacement HEPA Filter

Sunpentown WA-1205E 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Built-In Water Pump

Miele TYPE FJM Intensive Clean PLUS Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Blueair 601 HEPASilent Air Purification Unit with SmokeStop Filter

Blueair 501 HEPASilent Air Purification Unit with SmokeStop Filter

500/600 Series SmokeStop Filter (3-Pack)

402 Particle Filter

Blueair 402 HEPASilent Air Purification Unit with SmokeStop Filter

402 SmokeStop Filter

Austin Air Healthmate Jr. Plus Air Purifier - White

Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifier - Sandstone

Replacement Bosch Compact/Formula Canister Bags (Type G)

Original Kirby G6 HEPA Paper Bag - 9 Pack (197301)

Bionaire BAP815B-U Mini Tower Air Purifier

Electrolux EL1000B Pronto Stick Vacuum

Hoover U6436-900 TurboPower Self-Propelled WindTunnel Bagged Upright Vacuum

IQAir AM GCX Air Cleaner

IQAir AM GCX Air Cleaner Gas Cartridges

Miele Active S-Class HEPA Filter for Canister Vacuum Cleaners

IQAir HealthPro Compact Air Cleaner

IQAir AM GC Air Cleaner Post-Filter Sleeves

IQAir AM GCX Air Cleaner Post-Filter Sleeves


IQAir AM GC Air Cleaner

IQAir AM GC Air Cleaner Gas Cartridges

IQAir AM GCX Air Cleaner

IQAir HealthPro Air Cleaner


Honeywell Enviracaire 51000 Air Purifier

Friedrich XQ08L10 8,000 BTU X-Star Room Air Conditioner with Programmable

Friedrich US12B30A Uni-fit Wall Air Conditioner

Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifier - Black

Alen C475 Portable Air Conditioner

Panasonic FP15HU2 HEPA Air Purifier, F-P15HU2

Conair Ceramic Ionic Hairdryer - 174R

12V, Mini Air Purifier/Ionizer Mini, Chrome

Holmes HAP412-U HEPA Mini Tower Air Purifier

Hoover U5269-900 EmPower Bagless Upright Vacuum

Bionaire BDQ25-UC 40 Pint Dehumidifier

Clearwave Electronic Water Conditioner

SHARP AF-R120FX Room Air Conditioner

Sebo C3.1 9630AM White Canister with ET-1 9258AM Power Nozzle

Fedders Q Chassis A6Q10F2A 20" Room Air Conditioner w/ 10,000 Cooling BTU, 115

Bionaire Permanent Filter Air Cleaner With Galileo - BAP2000-U

Dyson DC15 "The Ball" All Floors Upright Vacuum, Steel/Yellow

Sunpentown Air Cooler

Sunpentown Air Cooler with Ionizer

Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Hairsetter Pro Traveler 14 Rollers Creates

Whirlpool AD25BBL 25 Pint DeHumidifier

Bionaire BAP2000-U Permanent Filter Air Cleaner with Galileo Controls

Honeywell DP2030A5010 air conditioning control contactor 30A, 208/240 volt coil

Whirlpool AD-70USR 70 Pint Per Day Dehumidifier with Energy Star, AD70USR

SPT WA-1230H 12,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote-Control Cooling

SPT WA-1230E 12,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control

SPT WA-1220H 12,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote-Control Cooling

Portable Air Conditioner - 12,000 BTU

SPT WA-1220M 12,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Manual Controls

SPT WA-1010H 10,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote-Control Cooling

SPT WA-1010M 10,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Manual Controls

HOOVER S1120 Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum

HOOVER S2105 BrushVac Slider Rechargeable Broom Vacuum Cleaner

Secure Air SA1200 UVGI Room Air Sterilizer

Carrier 52FE3103E 10,000/9,800 BTU Through-the-Wall Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Miele S251 Plus Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Kool Zone Personal Space Air Cooler

Danby 9000 BTU AC 48 Pt. Dehumidifier 3 Speed Fan Dual Hose Exhaust Portable

Danby 12000 BTU AC 71 Pt. Dehumidifier 3 Speed Fan Dual Hose Exhaust Portable

Danby 10000 BTU AC 55 Pt. Dehumidifier 3 Speed Fan Dual Hose Exhaust Portable

Amcor AL10000E 10000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Electronic Controls

Amcor AL10000EH 10000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner and Heater

Amcor ALD12000E 12000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Electronic Controls

Amcor ALD12000EH 12000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner and Heater

Amcor AM-40 Air Purifier

Amcor AM-60 Air Purifier

Alen A250RAF Replacement Filter for A250 Air Purifier

Alen A350 Air Purifier

HOOVER 40303048 Floor-to-Floor Cleaner for FloorMate, 48 oz.

911D Bionaire Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

HAPF-9 Holmes HEPA Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

14ALL Hunter Air Cleaner Carbon Replacement Pre-Filter

Honeywell Universal Air Cleaner Prefilter (2 uses)

83378 Sears/Kenmore Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

Original HAPF-22 Holmes HEPA Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

HAPF96 Holmes Carbon Air Cleaner Replacement Pre-Filter (2 Pack)

04810 Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner Replacement Bulb

Whirlpool 1183063 Replacement Pre-filter (4 Pack)

PN-60285 Eureka Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Replacement Filter

83154 Sears/Kenmore Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

HAPF-22 Holmes HEPA Aftermarket Replacement Filter

HAPF-37 Holmes HEPA Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

21500/21600 Honeywell Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

83377 Sears/Kenmore Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

83375/83376 Sears Kenmore Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

HAPF-115 Holmes HEPA Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

Original HAPF-30 Holmes HEPA Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

Type U, U-3, and U-6 Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bag (3 Pack)

Hoover Hepa Filter Bagless #40140201

Filter Queen Cone Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Filter (12 Pack)

HAPF-9 Family Care Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

APF-2 Holmes Foam Air Cleaner Replacement Pre-Filter

24000/24500 Honeywell Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

83139 Sears/Kenmore Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

3580 Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bag (3 Pack)

30931 Hunter Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

Hoover #40120102 Hepa Filter Dual V Bag

Little Henry Toy Vacuum

Hai T3 Tourmaline Ionic Blow Dryer

Hoover S3590 Duros Power Nozzle Canister Vacuum

Sebo Automatic X4 Upright Vacuum Cleaner 9570AM White/Gray

Whirlpool 40-Pint Electronic Dehumidifier - AD40USR

Whirlpool 50-Pint Electronic Dehumidifier - AD50USR

Whirlpool 70-Pint Electronic Dehumidifier - AD70USR

Whirlpool Whispure Electronic Air Purifier - AP51030R

Ionic Air Purifier

Whirlpool Hepa Filter, Small #1183051

Whirlpool Hepa Filter, Large #1183054

Whirlpool Air Purifier Carbon Pre-Filters, Large, 4-Pack #8171434

Whirlpool 25-Pint Mechanical Dehumidifier - AD25BSR

Haier 5,000 BTU 9.7 EER Air Conditioner - HWF05XC3


Air Dryer

Andis 1875 Watt Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

Reliable T730A Enviromate Steam Cleaner with CSS and 11-Piece Accessory Kit

Vapor-Eze Clean Air 5000 Air Purifier

Holmes HAP750-U 99.97% HEPA Air Purifier

Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum

Hoover U5468-900 WindTunnel Supreme Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover U5172-900 Fold Away Widepath Bagless Upright Vacuum

Metropolitan Professionals ADM-4PNHSF 13 Amp 4 Horsepower Canister Vacuum with

Metropolitan Professionals ADM-4SF 11.25 Amp 4 Horsepower Canister Vacuum with

Metropolitan Professionals OV-4BCSF 13 Amp 4 Horsepower Compact Canister Vacuum

Soleus Mobile Air Portable Air Conditioner - MA-9000AH

Eureka Boss 4D Upright Vacuum - 5892BVZ

Eureka 430BX Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum

Panasonic MC-V5485 HEPA Bagless Fold ' N Go Vacuum

Panasonic MC-V7600 HEPA Bagless Upright Vacuum

Conair BC171CS Ionic Hot Air Brush

Panasonic MC-V7700 HEPA Bagless Upright Vacuum

Himalayan Salt Crystal Negative Ionizer Pyramid Shape Lamp

Carpet Fresh No Vacuum Foam Carpet Refresher, Apple Cinnamon 10.5 oz (297 g)

Carpet Fresh No-Vacuum Foam Carpet Refresher, Fresh Scent 10.5 oz (297 g)

Shark SV736 15.6-Volt Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Motorized Brush,

Shark EP604 Retractor Convertible Lightweight Stick Vac

Hoover U5265-900 EmPower Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Honeywell 50300 True HEPA Round Air Purifier

Nilfisk Advance Eliminator I Vacuum (9058909010) - HEPA

Sunpentown WA-1000E Portable Air Conditioner 10,000BTU with 3-in-1 Technology

Total Humidity Controller - Controls Appliances Based Upon Humidity Level

Bissell 35766 CleanView II Plus Upright Bagless Vacuum

Bissell 35951 CleanView Revolution Plus Upright Bagless Vacuum

Bissell 3596 CleanView Revolution Deluxe Upright Bagless Vacuum

Revlon RV763PK1 Professional Ionic and Ceramic Styling Set

Frigidaire FAC105P1A 10,000 BTU Air Conditioner with Remote Electronic

Frigidaire FDL251P 25-Pint Portable Dehumidifier

Frigidaire FDL60P1 60-Pint Portable Dehumidifier

Frigidaire FAC106P1A Compact II 10,000-BTU Room Air Conditioner with Electronic

Frigidaire FAC124P1A Compact II 12,000-BTU Room Air Conditioner with Electronic

Frigidaire FAC125P1A 12.000 BTU Air Conditioner with Remote Electronic

Frigidaire FDL451P 45-Pint Portable Dehumidifier

Frigidaire FAA055P7A Compact Small-Room Air Conditioner with Remote Control

Frigidaire FAP094P1Z 9,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Electronic Controls

Frigidaire FAA084P7A MS II 8,000-BTU Room Air Conditioner with Electronic

Frigidaire FAC104P1A Compact II 10,000-BTU Room Air Conditioner with Electronic

Frigidaire FAP09EP1Z 9,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with 4100-BTU Heat and

Farouk CHI 1" Ceramic Ionic Spring Grip Curling Iron

Factory-Reconditioned Dyson DC14 Animal Upright Vacuum

Hoover Savvy U8174-900 Bagless Upright Vacuum

NewAir AF-320 Deluxe Evaporative Cooler & Ionic Air Purifier Up to 200 sq

Fujitronic FF-608 Portable Air Cooler with Ionizer LED Panel and Remote Control

Eureka 409B The Boss Superlite Widetrack Vacuum

Eureka 4700B Maxima Bagless Upright Vacuum

Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum

Eureka 5902BVZ The Boss Upright Vacuum

Eureka HP5505A High-Performance Upright Vacuum

Vidal Sassoon VS501 1875W Ionic Sensor Touch Dryer

Andis 75240 Ionic, Quiet, "Outlet Saver" Hair Dryer

Andis 80020 Ionic 1875W Ceramic Hair Dryer with Folding Handle and Retractable

Unistar 4-in-1 Desktop Fan/ Cooler/ Humidifier/ Ionic Air Purifier, DF158

Whirlpool HEPA Replacement Filter (1183052)

86889 Sears/Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Replacement Filter

CHI Farouk Systems USA Professional Ceramic, Anion, Infared Hair Dryer with

HOT TOOLS Professional Ceramic 2 inch Flat Iron with Gentle Far Infrared Heat

Hoover Savvy U8181-900 Bagged/Bagless Combo Upright Vacuum

Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04715 Allergen Reducing Filter

White Light Tooth Whitening As Seen On TV

HELEN OF TROY Hot Air Brush 3/4 inch Tangle Free with Soft Grip Textured Handle

SOLANO 1875 Watts Top Power 3200 Hair Dryer (Model: 3200)

ANDIS 1875 Watts Ceramic Ionic Retract A Cord Smooth, Silky Frizzie Free

Emer 908015U Donnatello Power Plus Upright HEPA Vacuum

HELEN OF TROY Hot Air Brush 1 1/2 inch Barrel Tangle Free with Soft Grip

LG LUCKY GOLDSTAR BG5200ER 5200 BTU Room Air Conditioner

Revlon RV438 1875W Ionic Styler Travel Dryer

TRUE CERAMIC PRO Infared Ionic Styler Flat Iron Professional Kit

Revlon Spa RVS1138C MoistureStay Pore Refiner

Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener (UK Edition, 1")

Sanyo SC-WP110 RotoSweep Bagless Stick Vacuum with Electrostatic Dusting Cloth

Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener (UK Edition, 1 1/2

WindChaser MDH-P Compact Dehumidifier

ANDIS Pro Gold Ceramic 3/4 inch High Temp Curling Iron (Model: 37575/CI-21E)

Hot Tools 2102 Professional Ceramic Big Bumper 1 1/2" inch Curling Iron with

Blueair HEPASilent Air Purifier - White (501)

Sharp AF-S85FX Air Conditioner

Sharp AF-S80FX Room Air Conditioner

Conair 1000W Ionic Hot Brush - BC171CS

Omica Plus 2-Pak

Toyotomi TAD-T32G Portable Air Conditioner (Dual Hose, 12000 BTU, 400 Sq. Ft.

Carpet Pro CPU-2 Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Carpet Pro CPU-1 Heavy Duty Household Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Extreme Power Wet/dry Hand Vac

Biozone 1000 Ionic Air Purifier and Cleaner Up to 1000 Sq Ft!

Delonghi Pinguino PAC220 Professional Portable Air Conditioner

Delonghi Pinguino PAC02 Portable Air Conditioner

CHI Farouk Systems USA Ceramic Infared 2.5 inch Round Hair Brush

CHI Farouk Systems USA Ceramic Infared 3 Inch Round Hair Brush

Miele Sirius Canister Vacuum (Diamond Dealer Edition)

Miele S4780 Orion Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S4210 Carina Canister Vacuum Cleaner (Melon Yellow)

Miele S4210 Antares with Turbo Nozzle

Miele S4210 Capella Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka C5712A Commercial Upright Vacuum

Hoover F4300 FloorMax Supreme Scrubber Buffer Shampooer

Lasko 3135 30-Inch Oscillating Industrial-Grade Pedestal Fan

5/2 Programmablethermostat

T3 Tourmaline 83808 Professional Featherweight Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

T3 Tourmaline 83922 Wet-or-Dry Professional Ionic 1 3/4" Ceramic Styling Iron

Hunter 30962 HEPA Tower Replacement filters for models 30730, 30713, 30730

Swiffer Carpet Flick Carpet Sweeper Starter Kit , 1 kit

Miele S4210 Galaxy Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Royal RY5300 Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner w/On-Board Tools


Hamilton Beach 04234 Long Life Air Cleaner Pet Odor Filter (3 pack)

Personal Air Supply As500B

The Swing Years: Stardust

Liqumins Maxi Multi Liquid Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement with Ionic

Bug Vacuum

Royal RYC100 Commercial Air Mover/ Carpet Dryer

Honeywell HHT-080 Permanent HEPA Tower Air Purifier

Honeywell HFD-120 Tower HEPA Air Purifier with Permanent IFD Filter, Black

Dyson Soft Dusting Brush

Dyson 47 Stiff Bristle Brush

Dyson 48 Mattress Tool

Honeywell 83331 Silent Surround True HEPA Air Cleaner for Medium to Large Rooms

Honeywell HCM645 4 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

iRobot Roomba 4230 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum

Dyson 36 Flexi Crevice Tool

Maytag 5200 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Remote Control M7x05f24

K&N 33-2284 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2268 Replacement Air Filter

K&N 33-2288 Replacement Air Filter

Honeywell HFD-100 Tower HEPA Air Purifier With Permanent IFD Filter

Honeywell HFD-130 Germicidal Tower HEPA Air Purifier with Permanent IFD Filter

Bona Kemi WM710013273 Hardwood Floor Clean Kit (FREE DUST PAD)

Parlux 3200 Ionic & Ceramic Hair Dryer

Santa Fe Advance Energy Star Low Temp Basement Dehumidifier

Bissell 1719B SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner

Bissell 2080 Quicksteamer Powerbrush Lightweight Upright Deep Cleaner Carpet

Bissell 37603 Lift-Off Revolution Deluxe Upright Bagless Vacuum