Air Conditioners cool electronic enclosures

Rittal's TopTherm Air Conditioners Offer Reliable Cooling, Efficiency and Flexibility

SPRINGFIELD, OH, September 2004 C Rittal Corporation offers a complete line of TopTherm air conditioners for electronic enclosures used in industrial or IT environments. With innovative, attractive designs, these air conditioners provide reliable cooling, efficient performance and flexibility in installation.

Constructed with carefully separated and well-insulated internal and external cooling chambers, TopTherm air conditioners keep the inside enclosure temperature at a constant, desired level, independent of ambient conditions. This eliminates the number one cause of costly production downtime, excessive component temperature, while also protecting electronic components from harmful dust penetration. Other features include remote diagnostics and optimized air routing for superior cooling efficiency.

With cooling capacities from 1,000 to 13,600 BTUs, TopTherm air conditioners are offered in two controller versions C Basic and Comfort C for maximum security in control and monitoring. The Comfort version features a master/slave control for up to 10 units to monitor and control critical temperature rises in complex systems.

TopTherm air conditioners are available in roofmount and wallmount models for design flexibility. Roofmount air conditioning units optimize cold air circulation within the enclosure by centrally removing the warm air from the center of the cabinet while the cold air is distributed from the four corners of the cabinet. This revolutionary design provides targeted climate control that can be optimized for individual enclosure installations.

Rittal's wallmount air conditioners offer three versatile mounting options C integrated, partially integrated or external mounting. Integrated condensate evaporation systems can be special ordered if required.

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Rittal Corporation, headquartered in Springfield, Ohio, is a part of Rittal GmbH & Co. KG - the world's leading enclosure manufacturer. Their complete product offering includes industrial enclosures, 19" electronic components, climate control, power distribution, data communication and telecommunication/outdoor products.