Air Conditioners protect sensitive equipment

Dectron's Ecosaire? Division Introduces Ceiling Mount Precision A/C Series

CM Series targets medical labs, electronic switching rooms, archival storage areas, occupied control rooms, other commercial spaces with equipment that's sensitive to temperature and humidity variances.

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Brian Monk

Dectron Internationale


John Parris Frantz

J.P.F. Assoc. Communications


Roswell, Ga. °™Ecosaire?, the precision air conditioning division of Dectron Internationale, Roswell, Ga., has introduced the ceiling mounted CM Series for all high technology rooms with limited floor space that require precise and reliable air conditioning.

The CM Series complements Ecosaire's existing floor mounted EC Series (Environmental Control) and vertical SM Series (Space Maker) of precision air conditioning ranging from 3 to 25-ton units. Available in eight ducted models ranging from one ton to 13 tons, the CM Series has a low profile ranging from 24 to 28-inches-high for low ceiling clearances or to fit into voids above dropped ceilings. Depending on the type of equipment that needs cooling, the CM Series is designed for rooms under 5,000 square feet and is best suited for new construction applications with limited floor space or retrofit projects absent of raised-floor air plenums.

The CM Series comes standard with air, water, and glycol cooling, plus dual-cooling/free-cooling systems. Another standard feature is Dectron's proprietary control system, the Supervisaire?, which is compatible with most building automation protocols. Using Dectron's renown custom manufacturing capabilities, the CM Series offers many factory-installed options such as: a steam humidifier; electric heating elements; hot-gas reheat coil; or a hot water coil.