Air Conditioning - Commercial Portable Air Conditioners Information


Q: Do air conditioners plug into a standard outlet?
A: Models TZ 14K and TZ 17K use a standard 15-amp, 115-V outlet. Model TZ 29K requires a NEMA 6-20P, 20-amp, 230-V outlet. Model TZ 42K requires a NEMA 6-30P, 30-amp, 230-V outlet.

Q: How is the hot condenser air exhausted?
A: Condenser air exhausts through an opening on the unit's top, or through optional attached accessories

Q: How much condensate water do these air conditioners produce?
A: This varies depending on the relative humidity in the space being cooled.

Q: How often does the condensate tank need to be emptied?
A: More often in humid areas, less often in drier areas.

Q: Is Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approval available for TZ air conditioners?
A: Yes.

Q: Are TZ air conditioners loud?
A: All air conditioner TZ models operate between 54 dB to 60 dB, lower than most ordinary-type air conditioners and within office-acceptable ranges.

Q: Are TZ air conditioners mobile?
A: Yes, all models roll on industrial-grade casters and fit through standard 32-inch doors.

Q: Must air conditioners be in the same room they cool?
A: TZ air conditioners cool the space they are in, unless adapted with accessories and duct.which allows all condenser-air to be vented to the plenum area above a suspended ceiling.

Q: What conditions determine the cooling capacity, BTU/h, of TZ air conditioners?
A: 95??ambient with 60%RH (relative humidity).

Q: What does it cost to run TZ air conditioners?
A: All models are inexpensive to use; they operate for as little as 35 cents per hour.