Air Conditioning Your Home

Air Conditioning Your Home

Produced by
Natural Resources Canada's
Office of Energy Efficiency


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The Heating and Cooling Series is published by EnerGuide of Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency. EnerGuide is the official Government of Canada mark associated with the labelling and rating of the energy consumption or energy efficiency of household appliances, heating and ventilation equipment, air conditioners, houses and vehicles.

EnerGuide also helps manufacturers and dealers promote energy-efficient equipment and provides consumers with the information they need to choose energy-efficient residential equipment.

Improving energy efficiency reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change.

By using energy efficiently and making wise consumer choices, you can reduce your individual GHG emissions by one tonne, or about 20%. Like most Canadians, you probably already take steps to conserve resources and protect the environment. Now the One-Tonne Challenge calls on you to make a bigger commitment.