Air Purifiers - Cleaners Ionic, home, HEPA, commercial, and more Air Purifier Systems

Air Purifiers - Cleaners Ionic, home, HEPA, commercial, and more Air Purifier Systems

Air Purifiers & Air Cleaners Air Purifiers benefit your health by removing or reducing the occurrence of harmful particles in your air. There are a variety of air purification technologies available at Air & Water to reduce odors, reduce particulates in the air, and to destroy living micro-organisms that float through the air you breathe. Read More Air Purification Information...

Home Air Purifiers Portable Home Air Cleaners
Purifiers made for the HOME - to help keep the air you breathe on a daily basis clean. We have a variety of purifiers, for cars, bathrooms, and even larger living spaces.

Room Air Purifier Systems for Smaller Areas
Air Purifiers designed for your room or office. All these air purifiers are perfect for room air purification but many can also purify larger areas as well.

Ionic Air Purifiers - See our Ionic Air Ionizers
Ionic and UV (ultraviolet) air purifiers release negatively charges particles which stick to contaminants in the air causing them to fall out of the air. Best of all, they're quiet!

Commercial Air Purifier - Odor Removal Commercial Air Purifiers
Commercial air systems will handle a larger volume and more contaminants than standard air purifier systems.

AirSoPure S-980 Air Purifiers with PCO technology
AirSoPure Air Purifiers. The S-980 with PCO technology cleans the air like no other air purifier available.

AllerAir Air Purifiers - View AllerAir HEP Air Purifiers
AllerAir technology combines a true HEPA filter to trap particles, and a MAC-B activated carbon filter to trap noxious chemicals, gases and odors.

Bizone Air Purifiers - Purify up to 14,000 feet with a Biozone Air Purifier
Biozone Air Purifiers remove contaminants from air and surfaces by combining two very powerful purifying technologies - photoplasma and photochemistry.

HEPA Air Purifier Home HEPA Air Cleaners
HEPA purifiers are regulated to a strict standard that requires that they catch 99.9% of particles 0.3 microns or larger, that's smaller than smoke particles.

IQAir Air Purifiers - Quiet European HEPA Air Purifiers by IQAir
High Quality European Design and Tested Air Purifiers. Each IQAir purifier is hand tested and receivs a unique report card.

See Our Selection of Surround Air Purifiers
Surround Air Purifiers offer several simultaneous air purification technologies. These purifiers use ionic and HEPA technologies to cleanse the air.