Air conditioner cools the car swiftly

Those who enjoy the jargons like torque, horsepower, etc, I am sorry 每 I have made it a principle to avoid them in my review and keep it as easy to comprehend as possible.

The Santro zip plus is no longer available as a new product 每 the new variant Xing is very similar, except for a few cosmetic changes. So, this review (hopefully) will be useful even if you are planning to buy a Xing. Somehow, I like the zip plus appearance more than the Xing .

The variations among the different models (LP,LE,LS) of zip plus are cosmetic as well, except the lowest one which does not have power steering. Personally, I think it is extremely difficult to maneuver or take K turns without the power steering. So, I will definitely not recommend the lowest end model.

For a new or a learning driver, the seating and the height provides the best view of the road and gives a fairly accurate idea of the distance between the driver and the front end of the car. So, the chances of parking errors are less. The images used in dashboard are easy to comprehend 每 you can easily locate which button to manipulate to achieve the desired result without going through the manual. The low fuel indicator and remote fuel opening facility are the ones I appreciate the most, as I feel it makes my life a lot easier.

The footrest is very convenient and the gear change can be easily rated as the smoothest experience you will go through. The rear view mirrors are adjusted and designed for the height, providing a clear visibility of the following traffic. The folding of the rear seat for extra boot space means you get the advantage of medium sized car, especially when you pick up someone from airport or railway station.

The car is pretty powerful 每 It can climb a steep hill in the second gear even with 5 passengers. Yet, it gives wonderful mileage. I have been driving the car for more than a year and a half and I regularly get 15 Km / L in city driving conditions. The Air conditioner cools the car swiftly and it need not be switched on all the time. The engine is conspicuous by its silence and unlike other small cars, switching on the air conditioner does not have a major impact on the power.

A few aspects to watch out for are 每 The rear tires are almost at the end of the car and hence, the impact of humps and potholes can be stronger than normal. The look of the zip plus may not impress many, but I feel it is the look which made it unique and the Xing has perhaps robbed that uniqueness with its Indica 每 like- looks. Like other cars, the weakest link in the chain seems to be the dealers, who are unpredictable and unreliable.

To Summarize, Santro zip plus (potential new car buyers read it as Xing) is wonderful value for money. Its central locking, protection beams and air bags make it very safe. It is as spacious as a medium sized car and available at the price of a small car. Driving a Zip plus is one of the little pleasures you cannot afford to miss in life ;)