Air-Conditioner helps preserve cellar-kept wine

Fondis' New 'Wine SP100': The Cr®®me De La Cr®®me in Fine Wine Preservation

Chicago, December 3, 2004

For 17 years, the French company Fondis has been the European leader in the manufacture and marketing of wine cellar air-conditioners. Today the company is adding to its already impressive line by launching the Wine SP100. The Wine SP100 allows superior grand cru wines to age in the best conditions, making for the finest preservation and eventual drinking of a collector's best bottles. This quiet but powerful unit is also perfect for professionals such as restaurant and boutique owners.

The Wine SP100 is designed for volumes of up to 3,000 cubic feet depending on insulation. It is the ideal solution for difficult-to-insulate underground cellars or for places where a standard Winemaster? air-conditioner cannot be installed. It is comprised of two inter-connected units ®C one is installed inside the cellar and has a very low noise level (53 db), while the other is placed outside the building (see photo 3). A 16-foot flexible conduit links the two. The Wine SP100 air-conditioner has a powerful 2.5 kW refrigeration capacity, perfectly suited for use in cellars of up to 3,000 cubic feet, or for rooms with much coming and going.

All Winemaster? air-conditioners provide a range of features that enable wine to age in the best conditions. Fitted with a digital-display thermostat, the Wine SP100 air-conditioner is simple to use and is pre-set in the factory. It is equipped with a heating function and uses environmentally friendly R407C, CFC-free coolant, which allows greater compression power. The Wine SP100 is equipped with a dust filter that makes maintenance easy, while reaction turbines ensure the lowest energy consumption. It also includes an electronic regulation system for the optimization of temperature and hygrometry, as well as a motor fitted with anti-vibration dampers.

Finally, this new design meets the needs of boutiques and restaurants by boasting a "wine" design°™a new decorative feature for presentation and tasting areas.

Other members of the Fondis Winemaster? family include:

Cellar air-conditioners for installation within walls:

The Wine C18 and C18S models are specially designed for small volumes and can handle volumes up to 500 cubic feet, allowing approximately 1,500 bottles to be stored, depending on racking arrangements.

The Wine C50S is specially designed for volumes up to 1,500 cubic feet, allowing approximately 4,000 bottles to be stored, depending on racking arrangements. For professional as well as personal use.

Integrated Wine-in air-conditioners

The Wine CI8 IN and Wine C50 IN models are designed for volumes up to 500 and 1,500 cubic feet respectively and are ideal if warm air can be vented to outside the building only.