Air-conditioner repair con


This is the time of year, when a lot of Oklahomans are getting their air conditioner fixed for the summer. One Oklahoma woman says when she called a repairman; she had to end up calling police just to get him out of her home.

She also called the "In Your Corner" hotline. Kathy Freeman claims that when she saw the repairman’s van, it should have been a clue.

"He came in a broken down white van. No brakes because he said the brakes went out. When he got out of the van he just, kind of, staggered out and I went ‘oh my,? Kathy Freeman says.

Ms. Freeman was already having her doubts about the serviceman for Appliance Experts. She found him in the yellow pages, but her family was desperate for cool air. It was getting into the nineties inside.

She alleges, while looking at her unit, he started talking about his ex-wife, his girlfriend and a birthday party at her mailman's house.

"It turned out to be a nudie party in the hot tub. It was just things we did not need to know about," Ms. Freeman says.

Kathy says the man claimed she needed a new compressor for $700 or a whole new unit for $300 more. She declined and was ready to pay the $60 service charge she was quoted over the phone, but the man wanted more.

"He's says ‘no it's a $170?and I say that she told me sixty over the phone and you didn't do anything," Ms. Freeman explains.

Kathy says the man plopped down on her porch and refused to leave until she paid $170, so she called the police. The repairman took a $60 check and left.

NewsChannel 4 research showed this man was an ex-con with rape charges and bogus check charges in his past but no charges since the early nineties.

He would not interview, but talked to Brad Edwards on the phone. He called Kathy a crazy lady and that her story was not true. He said it costs more for a house call on Saturday night but took the $60 because his phone worker was wrong.

Kathy did the right thing getting a price quote before having a repairman done, but now she will check with friends and neighbors to get a recommendation on a repairman. That is also the right thing to do even when you are desperate. I'm brad Edwards in your corner.