Austin Air Healthmate HM-400 Air Purifier

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Clean the air in your home with America’s highest rated air purifier! In an independent test of 21 air purifiers, Austin Air was rated best.
A combination of true surgical HEPA cloth and activated carbon / zeolite compound will remove dust, mold spores, animal dander, smoke, pollen, bacteria and viruses as well as VOC's and any type of odors from the air in your home or office.
All Austin Air products are designed for safe, quiet, continuous operation and carry a 5-year warranty. The filter also carries a 5-year pro-rated guarantee under normal residential use.
This Austin Air unit is ideal for large bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms and basements up to 800 square feet.
Austin Air Healthmate HM-400 Fan and Motor Assembly
Austin Air has manufactured the HM-400 for over 12 years. The simplistic, economical design of the unit makes it an attractive, long term value. Air is drawn through the unit with a powerful 1.5 h.p. PSC motor thru 15 lbs. of activated carbon and zeolite and 60 sq. ft. of HEPA cloth. The unit only uses 100 watts of power on its highest setting.
Cutaway of Austin Air's Construction and Engineering
Austin Air cleaners are not made of any plastic parts. Plastics off gases and cause problems for the chemically sensitive. That's why Austin Air cleaners have all steel construction. The sturdy steel construction of every Austin Air product guarantees that your air cleaner will last for years
Austin Air's high efficiency PSC motor draws minimal current. Even on the highest setting, it will cost only a penny an hour.
Austin Air Healthmate HM-400 Filter Assembly

  1. Permafilt Pre-Filter
  2. Carbon / Zeolite Filter
  3. Surgical HEPA Cloth

The Permafilt pre-filter will capture visible dust and hair and should be vacuumed monthly 360 degrees around via the outside of the intake grate(no disassembly required).
The carbon / zeolite mixture and HEPA cloth combine to create a filter that is almost 4 inches thick. This greatly extends the filter life. Austin guarantees this filter on a pro-rated basis for 5 years. We recommend leaving the unit on all the time, even turning it on its highest setting when you are not in the room. Therefore we recommend changing the filter after 3 years of constant use.
Austin HM-400 Air Purifier:
The Austin HM-400 averted a family crisis. My husband smokes cigars "outside only" and test the motors of several types of lawn equipment and marine vehicles in this same area. Although, "outside" the fumes and dust from these activities are drafted into the house when doors are opened and closed. I refuse to coexist with these toxins.
We decided to try an air purifier in the ground level room nearest the problem area. The Austin HM-400 seemed like a good choice. It was recommended for the room size we were in, it had a carbon filter for fumes and odors and offered HEPA filtration for particulates. I also liked that black was a color choice and this unit has wheels for easy movement around the room. The sturdy construction was also a plus.
It worked!!! We turn the machine to high whenever needed and I do not smell the offensive odors when I walk in the door upstairs. This product handled a tough situation very well so I feel good about it's effectiveness in less trying conditions.
What I like about the Austin HM-400 Air Purifier:
  • Sturdy construction
  • Filters capable of reducing particulates, gases and chemicals from the air-60 sq. ft. of HEPA filter and 15 lbs. of granulated carbon
  • Easy maintenance-just dust the outside surfaces
  • Long filter life-5 years for normal household use (we will probably have to replace sooner as we are dealing with above normal contaminants)
  • 5 year Manufacturer Warranty
    What I didn't like the Austin HM-400 Air Purifier:
  • The machine is loud on high. Not a problem for our use but could be in some situations.
  • No automated indicator for filter replacement. We will know because of the odors of the fumes we are eliminating but in more normal situations not as easily gauged.
    In summary, I give the Austin HM-400 5 stars. It performed very well in a very difficult situation. I have experienced the benefits of this air purifier and would recommend it to others for tough jobs and just regular household use. And, if you need a purifier for a smaller area in your house, check out the Austin Air Jr. It is just as effective for a smaller room.
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    Additional Austin Air Healthmate Information:

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    Austin Air Healthmate HM-400 Replacement Filter
    Includes the Permafilt Prefilter. Please specify color.
    How to Change the Filter
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    Customer Reviews
    Best air filter! January 11, 2005
    Reviewed by: Eric from Durham, NC
    I own two Austin airs and love them. I put the second one at my vacation house to keep the air moving and clean. We had an Ionic breaze there, but they just don't move enough air. Ionics are good for a bedroom, Austins are louder, but they also move 10x the air.
    HM-400 Air Purifier January 5, 2005
    Reviewed by: James E. Barton from Detroit
    Open box, plug in, turn on, and forget about it. I noticed air quality improvement immediately.
    Best product out there! January 5, 2005
    Reviewed by: mother of a severely allergic child from Buffalo, NY
    We purchased this air purifier for our autistic son who has major allergies to everything imaginable. His doctor has these in each area of her office. I can honestly say that this unit has made such a huge difference. It has eliminated dust and all odors, and the air smells totally fresh and clean. The unit itself is quiet and unobtrusive and moves easily anywhere you need it to go. We leave it running 24/7 and have not seen a big jump in electric bills. I am so happy with this product and I recommend it to anyone who has any need for cleaner air to breathe!
    sleep better December 22, 2004
    Reviewed by: from Missouri
    I plugged it in about 5:30 left it on all night on high. I slept better. My eyes were not burning or itching in the morning
    Excellent January 13, 2004
    Reviewed by: Sam from Cartersville, GA
    We love it. On top of quality filtering it keeps our room cooler with air circulation which helps in the summer. A little loud, but I've found that there is no such thing as a whisper quiet air purifier anyway. The white noise actually helps me sleep better. I just ordered a second one.
    Still Enjoyed the Pure Air Since 1994 November 3, 2003
    Reviewed by: Audrey (Barber) Gregory from Lebanon, Missouri
    I purchased a Austin Air Purifier in 1994 I have run it continuously since that time, have only ordered & changed the filter one time. It sure makes your home smell fresh and I think it helps prevent colds & viruses,I hope I never have to be without one, and I am ordering one for my daughter who is expecting a baby,so they can have a germ free environment when they come home from the hospital.
    quick relief January 24, 2003
    Reviewed by: Asthmatic Mom from New York, New York
    I noticed a difference within the first night of sleeping in a room cleaned by the Healthmate.
    I can breathe August 28, 2002
    Reviewed by: Shallow Breather from Williamsville, NY
    I was having trouble sleeping and bought my Austin on advice from a friend. She owned one and swore by it. Now when I lay down at night I don't feel like I'm going to choke.
    HM400 August 28, 2002
    Reviewed by: Barbara Puzzella from Buffalo, NY
    I used this unit in my basement (we have had a severe mold & mildew problem) and I can say I can turn the unit on and the smell is gone, I also am a smoker with a cat & a dog and we have no pet or cigarette smells in the house anymore. It works great!
    Austin Air August 27, 2002
    Reviewed by: Non Allergy Person from Minnesota
    A quiet, steady unit that is easily turned on and forgotten. Can't remove odors from cooking but seems to move alot of air and freshen it. It has the effect of drying the air out so if humidity is better for you, don't run this too close to your sleeping quarters. Allergy effectiveness unknown.
    Product Features
    Recommended For:
    Large bedrooms, living rooms, basements and playrooms N/A --
    User Profile:
    Allergy and asthma sufferers looking for an economical unit for large spaces N/A --
    Allergy, Asthma Range:
    700 sq. ft. N/A --
    Maximum Room Size:
    800 sq. ft. N/A --
    Air exchanges / hour (400 sq. ft.):
    7.5 N/A --
    Filter Description:
    Permafilt Prefilter, Carbon / Zeolite / HEPA filter drum N/A --
    Foam Permafilt Prefilter, .5 inches thick N/A --
    Filter Guarantee:
    5 year Pro-rated Guarantee N/A --
    HEPA Filter:
    Yes N/A --
    HEPA Media Size:
    60 sq. ft. True Surgical Medical HEPA cloth N/A --
    Carbon Filter:
    15 lbs granulated carbon / zeolite mixture N/A --
    UV Light:
    No N/A --
    Average Filter Life:
    3-5 Years N/A --
    Air Intake:
    360 degrees N/A --
    Air Outflow:
    Directed Register, Top Right Side of Unit N/A --
    Ozone Emission:
    No N/A --
    Filter Change Indicator Sensors:
    No N/A --
    Yes N/A --
    Smoke Removal:
    Yes N/A --
    Mold Removal:
    Yes N/A --
    Odor Control:
    Yes N/A --
    Dust Removal:
    Yes N/A --
    Formaldehyde Removal:
    No N/A --
    Second Hand Smoke Removal:
    Yes N/A --
    Ease of Filter Replacement:
    Easy, 4 screws on bottom plate N/A --
    Installation / Expansion Options:
    No N/A --
    Power Cord Length / Type:
    5 feet, polarized, two prong plug N/A --
    Interface Control Type:
    4 speed switch (including off) on front of unit N/A --
    Color Options:
    Black, White and Sandstone N/A --
    23"H x 14.5" x 14.5" N/A --
    45 lbs N/A --
    Shipping Weight:
    53 lbs N/A --
    22 gauge steel N/A --
    Motor Type:
    PSC electric, shielded, 1.3 amp, 120 volt N/A --
    Noise Level:
    High 66 dba
    Medium 55 dba
    Low 50 dba N/A --
    Wheels / Casters:
    Yes N/A --
    Power Consumption:
    High 115 watts
    Medium 83 watts
    Low 56 watts N/A --
    Fan Speeds:
    3 N/A --
    CFM of Fan Speeds:
    High 400 cfm
    Medium 200 cfm
    Low 75 cfm N/A --
    5 years part and labor N/A --
    LCD Display:
    No N/A --
    Programmable Timer:
    No N/A --
    Remote Control Included:
    No N/A --
    CADR Ratings from AHAM:
    No N/A --
    UL, CSA, NRTL N/A --
    30 Day Risk Free Money
    Back Guarantee:
    Yes N/A --
    Free Shipping Included:
    Yes N/A --
    Very economical, very powerful, well constructed N/A --
    No AHAM CADR ratings,
    Shipping packaging could be improved N/A --