Austin Air Healthmate HM-400 Replacement Filter

Includes the Permafilt Prefilter. Please specify color.

The best air purifier January 7, 2005
Reviewed by: Major Allergy Sufferer from California
I have had this air purifier for many years. While I have bought others, this one remains the best available.
Very Good August 27, 2004
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Mission Woods, Kansas
I have a moldy,musty,and wet basement. My bedroom is over it and when the furnance is running with heat or air the smell comes up through the vents . This Air Cleaner really helps.
Basement Blues August 27, 2004
Reviewed by: Happy Husband from Montana
We have an unfinished basement that not only has that odor you get when there is no air circulation but also has the added odor of our cats litter boxes. I tried air purifiers that put out ozone and other HEPA filter devices and had little success with them. I purchased a used Autin Air machine which had no filter in it and then ordered a filter from achoo! ALLERGY & AIR Products. After installing the filter I ran the machine in the basement hoping for good results. My wife and I were very happy with the results. After only one hour of run time the basement odor was gone and smelled as fresh as the air in the rest of the house. Also as my wife suffers from allergys and asthma I am going to purchace another one for our bedroom. I was very happy with the service from achoo! ALLERGY. Shipping was prompt and prices were very reasonable. Also the free shipping was an added bonus. I give this company and product 5 stars.
perfect! September 14, 2003
Reviewed by: allergies and clean environment from DC
I have been an Austin Air user for years now and used to have 6 cats...needless to say, the Austin Air HM-400 came to the rescue and kept my apartment perfectly clean and allergen free. You will not be disappointed in this product.