Austin Air Healthmate + (Super Blend) Air Purifier

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Clean the air in your home with America’s highest rated air purifier! In an independent test of 21 air purifiers, Austin Air was rated best.
The Austin Air filter is a combination of true surgical HEPA cloth and activated carbon / zeolite / Potassium Permanganate compound will remove dust, mold spores, animal dander, smoke, pollen, bacteria and viruses as well as VOC's and any type of odors from the air in your home or office.
All Austin Air products are designed for safe, quiet, continuous operation and carry a 5-year warranty. The filter also carries a 5-year pro-rated guarantee under normal residential use.
The Austin Air + (Superblend) purifier is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers and those with severe chemical sensitivities, the Austin Air Healthmate + has 80 square feet of surgical medical HEPA media, 15 pounds of granular carbon impregnated with Potassium Permanganate to remove harmful gases.
Austin Air Healthmate + (Super Blend) Fan and Motor Assembly
The Superblend is built on the same chasis as the Austin Air Healthmate HM-400. Austin Air has manufactured the HM-400 for over 12 years. The simplistic, economical design of the unit makes it an attractive, long term value. Air is drawn through the unit with a powerful 1.5 h.p. PSC motor thru 15 lbs. of activated carbon and zeolite and 60 sq. ft. of HEPA cloth. The unit only uses 100 watts of power on its highest setting.
Cutaway of Austin Air's Construction and Engineering
Austin Air cleaners are not made of any plastic parts. Plastics off gases and cause problems for the chemically sensitive. That's why Austin Air cleaners have all steel construction. The sturdy steel construction of every Austin Air product guarantees that your air cleaner will last for years
Austin Air's high efficiency PSC motor draws minimal current. Even on the highest setting, it will cost only a penny an hour.
Austin Air Healthmate + (Super Blend) Filter Assembly

  1. Permafilt Pre-Filter
  2. Carbon / Zeolite / Potassium Filter
  3. Surgical HEPA Cloth
The filter in the Superblend is especially designed for highly allergic or chemically sensitive individuals. It has all the features of the Austin Air Healthmate HM-400 + it is impregnated Potassium Permanganate to address formaldehyde and gasses. The carbon / zeolite / Potassium Permanganate mixture and HEPA cloth in the filter drum create a filter that is almost 4 inches thick. This greatly extends the filter life. Austin guarantees this filter on a pro-rated basis for 5 years. We recommend leaving the unit on all the time and changing the filter after 3 years of continuous use.
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Additional Austin Air Healthmate Information:

Austin Air HM-400+ Superblend Replacement Filter
Includes the Permafilt Prefilter. Please specify color.
How to Change the Filter
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Customer Reviews
Breathe Easier January 5, 2005
Reviewed by: Sara from Indiana
I love my Austin Healthmate+, I've noticed a great improvement in my general breathing! Could be a bit quieter on high, but I'm going to be buying another one for my living room!
Hepa Air Purifier January 5, 2005
Reviewed by: from
I am enjoying the air filter which replaced a good Whirlpool Hepa air filter. Yours is quieter which is important because I have it at work and need to hear my boss talking to me. It seems to filter out more than the Whirlpool. I switched because your filter are going to last longer than Whirlpools. However I don't know when I will know to change them since Whirlpool had an indicator light to let me know when it was time. I also like the compact size of your filter.
Austin Air Healthmate Jr. HM-200 Air Purifier January 5, 2005
Reviewed by: mother of an allergy/asthma sufferer from Connecticut
works well so far. My daughter sleeps much better and awakens with less symptoms. My only dissappointment was that I was under the impression that it had wheels and does not. It would be easier to move around if it did.
Love it! August 21, 2003
Reviewed by: Joe from Ca
I bought this unit because I was going to remodel my house. From ripping out old carpets,putting in new carpets, the glues used in all new constuction , and the smell and chemical release of new paint. This unit helped remove them all. My painter of 20 years could not believe that all the smell that a bathroom painted with semi-gloss was gone overnite. Even when we bought new funiture that are made with glues and stains from overseas that have Formaldehydes were gone when we place the machine next to them.
Product Features
Recommended For:
Rooms with heavy smoke, odors, or chemicals N/A --
User Profile:
chemically sensitive, nail salons, homes with new carpet N/A --
Allergy, Asthma Range:
800 sq. ft. N/A --
Maximum Room Size:
1200 sq. ft. N/A --
Air exchanges / hour (400 sq. ft.):
7.5 N/A --
Filter Description:
Permafilt Prefilter, Carbon / Zeolite / potassium iodide HEPA filter drum N/A --
Foam Permafilt Prefilter, .5 inches thick N/A --
Filter Guarantee:
5 year Pro-rated Guarantee N/A --
HEPA Filter:
Yes N/A --
HEPA Media Size:
60 sq. ft. True Surgical Medical HEPA cloth N/A --
Carbon Filter:
18 lbs granulated carbon / zeolite / potassium iodide mixture N/A --
UV Light:
No N/A --
Average Filter Life:
4+ years N/A --
Air Intake:
360 degrees N/A --
Air Outflow:
Directed Register, Top Right Side of Unit N/A --
Ozone Emission:
No N/A --
Filter Change Indicator Sensors:
No N/A --
Yes N/A --
Smoke Removal:
Yes N/A --
Mold Removal:
Yes N/A --
Odor Control:
Yes N/A --
Dust Removal:
Yes N/A --
Formaldehyde Removal:
Yes N/A --
Second Hand Smoke Removal:
Yes N/A --
Ease of Filter Replacement:
Easy, 4 screws on bottom plate N/A --
Installation / Expansion Options:
No N/A --
Power Cord Length / Type:
5 feet, polarized, two prong plug N/A --
Interface Control Type:
4 speed switch on front of unit N/A --
Color Options:
Black, White and Sandstone N/A --
23"H x 14.5" x 14.5" N/A --
46 lbs N/A --
Shipping Weight:
54 lbs N/A --
22 gauge steel N/A --
Motor Type:
PSC electric, shielded, 1.3 amp, 120 volt N/A --
Noise Level:
High 66 dba
Medium 55 dba
Low 50 dba N/A --
Wheels / Casters:
Yes N/A --
Power Consumption:
High 115 watts
Medium 83 watts
Low 56 watts N/A --
CFM of Fan Speeds:
High 400 cfm
Medium 200 cfm
Low 75 cfm N/A --
5 years part and labor N/A --
LCD Display:
No N/A --
Programmable Timer:
No N/A --
Remote Control Included:
No N/A --
CADR Ratings from AHAM:
No N/A --
30 Day Risk Free Money
Back Guarantee:
Yes N/A --
Free Shipping Included:
Yes N/A --
Addresses a very wide spectrum of gases, odors and allergen N/A --
Loud on high N/A --