Baby Nursery Air Purifiers

Let your baby breathe healthy air purifier air! It is so important to keep your baby's air free of any pollutants. Fresh air makes it easier to breath, helping your little one cope with any illness, and to cleanse the air of bacteria, germs and any other lingering allergens. These air purifiers are the best chosen for a healthy nursery, as it works very well and is very quite, to let your baby sleep.
Baby Nursery Air Purifiers, Air Cleaners

AirFree Air Sterilizer
Totally silent and maintenance free air purifiers! Your baby will breathe easier...air sterilizers that use heat to incinerate mold spores, fungi, bacteria, and viruses

Austin Air Baby's Breath Air Purifiers

Cleans air safely in a child's bedroom or baby nursery; compact air purifiers in colors light pink or blue

Hamilton Beach HEPA
Air Cleaner
Air Purifiers for use in small bedroom, or nursery. Small, light and very portable. Up to 180 sq ft.
Sale Price $79.95
Save $30 while supplies last!

Hamilton Beach? HEPA Air Purifiers
Economy air purifier for those with light to medium allergies - HEPA and ultraviolet air purifiers - up to 350 sq ft.
Sale Price $114.95-$134.95 Save $65 while supplies last!

Blueair 601, 501 & 402 Air Purifiers
Great air purifiers with smoke stop filters; silent air purifiers for nursery use.

Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifiers
The Austin Health Mate Jr. A good nursery air purifier.