Blueair 501 Air Purifier

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Form meets function with the stylish Blueair line of air purifiers. Developed and manufactured in Sweden, Blueair offers high-quality, quiet, and energy efficient air purification, receiving the highest ratings in AHAM testing in January of 2000.

Blueair products are designed to provide quiet operation, while boasting one of the most energy efficient air cleaners on the market.

The Blueair 501 contains a polypropylene particle filter that removes dust, pollen, dust mites, bacteria, pet hair, mold spores, and lint from your home or office environment, without the emission of ozone. This unit is ideal for rooms up to 550 square feet.

The Blueair 501 Air Purifier carries a 10-year extended warranty with regular 6-month replacement of air filters (5 year limited warranty without regular 6-month filter replacement).
How To Maintain Your Blueair

BlueAir 501 Air Purifier:

I have owned and operated the Blueair 501 Air purifier for over 3 years. I am very pleased with its performance. I initially purchased the unit because it was very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, itís curves and look are so sleek. It was secondary to me that the machine is virtually inaudible. I change the filters every 6 months as recommended and I am always surprised at how disgustingly nasty the old filters are, they are usually completely black!

What I like about the Blueair 501 Air Purifier:

  • The best looking air purifier we offer

  • Comes with wheels, so itís very easy to move around

  • Filter change is a breeze, no screws

  • The ten year warranty

    Things I don't like about the Blueair 501 Air Purifier:

  • The blue light is pretty bright at night, I wish there was a way to turn it off while still have the machine clean the air.

    In summary, I feel that the Blueair 501 Air Purifier is as stylish and effective as they come. I love the idea of changing the filters, because I absolutely know that it is doing a good job ridding the air of airborne particulates.

    Blueair 501/601 Replacement Filters

    Set of 3. Replace every 6 months.

    For Blueair models: 501 & 601.

    List Price: $99.99
    Our Price: $79.99
    You Save: $20.00
    List Price: $99.99

    Our Price: $79.99

    You Save: $20.00

    Blueair 501/601 Smokestop Replacement Filters

    Replace every six months.

    For Blueair models: 501 & 601.

    List Price: $169.00
    Our Price: $147.99
    You Save: $21.01
    List Price: $169.00

    Our Price: $147.99

    You Save: $21.01

    Customer Reviews

    Greatest air purifier! March 18, 2005
    Reviewed by: Blueair Fan from Buffalo, NY

    I have used this air purifier for over a year and I love it! It's so quiet and I can feel the difference in the air i'm breathing. I definitely suggest this brand to any others on the market (believe me, i've tried most of them and none compare!)

    Blueair 501 February 26, 2003
    Reviewed by: Charles Talbott from Gatesville, Texas

    I have owned one for three years now, this is a great product. It cleans the air of all the allergens and removes the dust like nothing I have ever owned. It is so quiet on next to the highest speed you can hardly tell it is running. Also the cost of running it 24/7 is very low. Love it and highly recommend it.

    Great, quality product September 13, 2002
    Reviewed by: Great product for allergies from Chicago, IL

    My boyfriend has severe allergies and after we got the Blueair 501, the difference was unbelievable. No more sneezing, wheezing, etc. The air is cleaner and we are so much happier! The Blueair is so silent too, we don't even know it's there. By far the best purchase we've ever made!

    Product Features

    Recommended For:
    Large bedrooms, living rooms, and playrooms N/A --
    User Profile:
    Allergy and asthma sufferers N/A --
    Allergy, Asthma Range:
    450 sq. ft. N/A --
    Maximum Room Size:
    580 sq. ft. N/A --
    Air exchanges / hour (400 sq. ft.):
    8.25 N/A --
    Filter Description:
    Non-toxic polypropylene with active carbon or SmokeStop?filter N/A --
    Ion brushes N/A --
    HEPA Filter:
    No, gas & particle filters N/A --
    Carbon Filter:
    No N/A --
    UV Light:
    No N/A --
    Average Filter Life:
    6 months with continuous use N/A --
    Air Intake:
    Bottom, lower right and left sides N/A --
    Air Outflow:
    Top, upper right and left sides N/A --
    Ozone Emission:
    No N/A --
    Filter Change Indicator Sensors:
    No N/A --
    No N/A --
    Smoke Removal:
    Yes, with purchase of SmokeStop?filter N/A --
    Mold Removal:
    Yes N/A --
    Odor Control:
    Yes, with purchase of SmokeStop?filter N/A --
    Dust Removal:
    Yes N/A --
    Formaldehyde Removal:
    Yes, with purchase of SmokeStop?filter N/A --
    Second Hand Smoke Removal:
    Yes, with purchase of SmokeStop?filter N/A --
    Ease of Filter Replacement:
    Easy, with removal of top cover N/A --
    Installation / Expansion Options:
    No N/A --
    Power Cord Length / Type:
    5 feet detachable, polarized, three prong plug N/A --
    Interface Control Type:
    4 speed switch on side of unit N/A --
    Color Options:
    Putty / Off-white N/A --
    26"H x 20"W x 13"D N/A --
    35 lbs. N/A --
    Shipping Weight:
    39 lbs. N/A --
    Steel N/A --
    Noise Level:
    Speed 4 - 71 dba
    Speed 3 - 49 dba
    Speed 2 - 37 dba
    Speed 1 - 35 dba N/A --
    Wheels / Casters:
    Yes N/A --
    Power Consumption:
    Speed 4 - 95 watts
    Speed 3 - 80 watts
    Speed 2 - 70 watts
    Speed 1 - 15 watts N/A --
    Fan Speeds:
    4 N/A --
    CFM of Fan Speeds:
    Speed 4 - 450 cfm
    Speed 3 - 247 cfm
    Speed 2 - 117 cfm
    Speed 1 - 88 cfm N/A --
    5-year limited warranty / 10-year extended warranty with regular 6-month replacement of filters N/A --
    LCD Display:
    No N/A --
    Programmable Timer:
    No N/A --
    Remote Control Included:
    No N/A --
    CADR Ratings from AHAM:
    Smoke 323
    Dust 319
    Pollen 313 N/A --
    UL N/A --
    30 Day Risk Free Money
    Back Guarantee:
    Yes N/A --
    Free Shipping Included:
    Yes N/A --
    Highest AHAM CADR ratings, quiet at low speeds, and low energy use N/A --
    Very few N/A --