Breathing Easier

Breathing EasierSilverman Helps a woman whose air conditioner created a sticky situation.

Back in April, a company called Home Energy called Emily Chamberlain and asked her if she wanted her air conditioner cleaned for the summer season. She agreed and they arrived not long after. What followed was a confusing, costly turn of events.

“When I went out the back, he had like two meters, and he said one registered 10,?she explained. “This is the amount of the freon. He said it should register 50 and he says, at 10 it goes out into the air (and) affects children and…the ozone and everything. He said it shouldn't be that way."

The company’s solution? Chamberlain claims they offered to fix the problem for $300, a price she couldn’t afford. The worker then suggested a new air conditioner at the cost of $200/per month for a year, reaching a total of $2,400.

Chamberlain turned down the less-than-impressive offers, but was still hit with an $80 service charge.

“So I says, well, take a cheque. He says no, he couldn't take a cheque. He says it would have to be in cash. Otherwise there would be a paper trail.?BR;
Eventually she handed the cash over, but the story doesn’t end just yet. From there Silverman Helps turned to Frank Hunt of Unique Supply, and he examined the air conditioner, concluding that it was never tested to begin with.

“No. There's no indication he tested it,?Hunt said. “You'd need a wrench to take the nuts off. There's no indication of a wrench or any type on there.?BR;
Later, Silverman Helps contacted Home Energy. They were adamant they had tested the unit and it was leaking.

“You shouldn't leave a system if it's leaking Freon,?explained Joe Hood. “And we are supposed to report it if we find it."

Hood claimed he had received a complaint from Emily's daughters and he offered to go back and clean the unit but Emily refused.

“I'm a businessman and I'm not a crook,?he concluded. “She's not being truthful with you.?BR;
Despite his claim, Joe did agree to refund Emily's money, handing over a cheque for $80.