Checklist: Monthly Maintenance

Checklist: Monthly Maintenance

Fire extinguisher - Check that it's fully charged and recharge if necessary. Be sure you have an adequate number located in kitchen, garage, and basement.

Smoke detector - Clean battery or indicator light.

Sink and tub stoppers - Flush with hot water and baking soda.

Garbage disposer - Check safety valve and steam pressure gauge and replace if necessary; check water level gauge and add water if needed; drain water until clear of sediment.

Steam heating system - Test relief valve and replace if necessary; check pressure gauge and drain expansion tank if necessary.

Forced warm air heating system - Check blankets and replace if needed; check air flow; clean or repair unit if necessary.

Evaporative air conditioner - Clean or replace air filter; clean condenser or evaporator coils and condensate drain; remove snow and/or debris from outdoor portion of unit.

Heat pump - Clean or replace filter; clean condenser and evaporator coils and condensate drain.