Commercial & Industrial Energy Audit

Commercial & Industrial Energy Audit

Dakota Electric offers two types of commercial and industrial energy audits, both designed to help you lower your energy costs. A free "basic walk-through" audit provides general information on efficiency improvements. A "cost-share" audit is a comprehensive facility audit that identifies how you spend every utility dollar.

For more tools to manage your energy usage, visit the ENERGY STAR Business Improvement Web page.

Talk To Us About Your Energy Needs
We can save you money: Dakota Electric Association's team of Energy Experts can conduct an individualized energy audit for your facility that will help your business select the most cost effective systems, modifications and procedures to maximize productivity and efficiency, while reducing your energy and power costs. Taking a few minutes to review this summary of our energy auditing services can be the first step toward saving you a substantial amount of money.
Energizing Your Bottom Line Through:

Professional energy audit and analysis services
Individualized cost reduction recommendations
State-of-the-art information and solutions
Implementation support consultation

Individualized To Your Business
A comprehensive energy audit and analysis is customized for your business and can identify opportunities and procedures for substantially reducing your energy costs. These audits include:

Analysis of energy and power use history
Analysis of energy and power use by function
Identification of energy cost reduction measures
Assessment of energy management strategies and systems
Analysis of load factor
Recommendations for operations and maintenance
Review of energy accounting options
Recommendations for off-peak strategies and systems
Performing a cost/benefit analysis
Education regarding incentive programs
Determining applications for variable speed drive controls