Controlling Frizzy Hair


Please help me in finding out how to inexpensively manage my frizzy hair! I would like to find a natural/inexpensive way to condition and reduce frizz in my hair.
To Find Cure, Look for Cause

I have been a hairdresser for most of my life. The answer to your "frizz" will depend on what is causing your hair to be frizzy. First, some of the things that will make any hair frizzy are blow drying too much, use of "mousse" products, chemical damage and/or chlorine, and the need to change shampoo/conditioner.

If hair is naturally curly, it is usually frizzy. The answer to this is to get a product like a "pomade" (try Wal-Mart). Pomades have a low level of hold and have some oil in them. After washing your hair, put some pomade in your hand and add a little water for easier spreading, and then very lightly finger it through your hair not touching your scalp so that you don't get a "greasy" look. Allow it to dry and then comb through it if you want, or leave it if the curls look good. If this seems too heavy, get a lighter one or a gel, but not a mousse. This can work on straight hair as well.
If your hair is permed, bleached or colored, it might look frizzy from chemical damage. You probably need a deep conditioning treatment (but do not use an oil-based one) with some heat. You can try a gel or pomade. Use conservatively because chemical damage causes hair to "grab" products.
You might have hair that is very coarse (which is different from thick). Coarse hair is generally dry and can be frizzy. I would recommend using a hot curling iron. If you like straight hair, use a giant one or a straightening one. Hair is like clothes. When it is ironed, it becomes smooth and shiny.

Try These Tricks

I have naturally curly hair that I like to wear straight, but I live in a humid environment that can make this a challenge. It can look frizzy after being outdoors for only a few seconds. Other than the obvious solution of purchasing products for this purpose, here are some tricks I have learned.

Always rinse with the coldest water you can stand after using a shampoo and conditioner for straight hair. The cold water "locks down" the hair cuticle and makes hair appear slicker, less frizzy.
Use a weekly home remedy "hair mask." My hair dresser told me about this one and I have been hooked ever since. Mix one egg to one part mayo and one part olive oil. Make a paste and apply to hair. Wrap hair in a towel and allow to work at least 30 minutes. Rinse out and shampoo and condition as usual. Hair will have a smooth, shiny appearance.
Blow dry methodically. This can take practice and time, but it is worth it. Use a big round brush that will allow you to smooth your hair as you dry. Always blow in a downward motion. Running the dryer over hair up and down causes the cuticle to frizz and split. Divide hair into sections with curler pins and dry one section at a time.
M.B, Memphis, TN
Cure Frizzies Everytime

After washing your hair, add a small amount of Natural Vegetable Glycerin to your mousse or gel. I add approximately a dime size amount of Glycerin to about a quarter size amount of gel in my hand. I wet my other hand with just a dab of water. Rub hands to mix the water, glycerin and gel. Run through hair and style as usual.

If you prefer to add your styling products to dry hair, simply mix the glycerin with a small amount of water to thin. Then run it through the dry strands. Cures my frizzies everytime.
Correct the pH of your Hair

My hair turned to frizz due to medication. It used to be shiny and straight. I spent about $50 trying different products until I came upon a natural and inexpensive solution. I keep a big plastic cup in the shower and fill it with about 1/2 cup of apple vinegar and 1/2 cup water. After I rinse the conditioner out of my hair, I use this as a final rinse. Make sure to close your eyes tight. Vinegar stings! Vinegar corrects the pH of your hair and actually smoothes the cuticle miraculously.

If I need further conditioning, I use that old fashioned Alberto VO5 in a tube. It costs about $2.75, but it lasts virtually forever. I rub it in my palms and run my hands over my hair. Your hair won't look greasy, either.
Maria in Tulsa
Cheap Products Work Best

I've tried many high-priced hair products, trying to eliminate the frizz of my naturally curly hair. After much trial and error, I have found that the cheapest products work the best. If your hair is dry and frizzy, some of the things that have worked for me may work for you! Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner (88 cents) is great, as is a dab of All Ways Natural Castor Oil Conditioning Hair Dress ($2.49), to smooth down any frizz. These have worked better than all of the pricey products I have tried! My hairdresser even commented on the change when I went in for my next hair cut.

These products, along with some tips I picked up from the book "Curly Girl" by Lorraine Massey, have really helped my hair. If you're shampooing every day, stop. I shampoo once or twice a week at the most. I just rub my scalp to loosen any dirt or oil on my no-shampoo days and then use conditioner.

Depending on how dry your hair is, you may wish to leave some conditioner in by not fully rinsing it out in the shower. (I only do this on particularly dry days, since it's usually too much weight for my fine hair.) Avoid products with high amounts of drying ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate and alcohol. Finally, once you've finished putting gel, etc. into your wet hair, don't touch your hair while it's drying. Leave it alone as much as possible. Let it air dry if you have time, and this will cut down on the frizz.
Sleek Hair with Vaseline

I've battled my frizzy hair for years and recently have discovered how to manage it very inexpensively.

My secret is using plain old Vaseline. You will have to experiment with this like I did, but this is my system. After washing my hair and using a conditioner, I blow it dry. It is incredibly frizzy at this point. Then I take a small amount of Vaseline and work it into my hands. I then begin "glossing" my hair with my greasy hands. Basically you have to work it in and sometimes add a little extra on the ends. Next, blow it dry on low using a stiff wire round brush that I bought at a beauty supply. (This is a little of an investment, but it's hard to be successful without it.) The combination of the Vaseline, the warm air and the round brush will smooth and gloss your hair like you won't believe. If you goof up and get too much in one section, just dab a little shampoo on that section, wash it out and start over.

I also color my hair occasionally and use L'Oreal's Feria. It has absolutely the best conditioner I've ever used and they give you enough extra conditioner to last several shampoos. It's worth the price of the color just for the conditioner. If you get it on sale, it's really a bargain.

Since I've used the Vaseline on my hair, I've received a lot of compliments, especially from my teens. They say my sleek hair makes me look younger. And that makes me feel good.
Can't Beat Castor Oil

Castor oil is inexpensive, and it leaves the hair soft, shiny and smooth.
Turn Frizz to Curl and Be Happy

Having tried everything over many years to tame my frizz, the best and most economical products are Suave brand "coconut" flavor shampoo and conditioner. The trick is not to wash out all the conditioner. Leave some in your hair when you rinse. You will smell delicious and your frizz will be curly and you will be happy!
Not Just for the Kitchen

Massage olive oil through your hair and leave on overnight. Then wash and comb out. You might want to cover your hair overnight to protect your sheets!
El in BC
Keep the Frizzies at Bay

Frizzy hair will not only "frazzle" you, but make you look "frazzled" as well. There are some tips to follow on a regular basis, as well as an inexpensive way to keep the "frizzies" at bay.

Do not use a hair brush. Using a hair brush on thick hair and "frizzy" prone hair will cause split ends. Instead, use a hair pick when your hair is wet, then finger comb when your hair is dry. In the morning when you wake up, if you have "bed" hair, spritz your hair with water and finger comb it into place.
Do not rub your hair with a towel when wet. Instead, let your hair set in a towel for 10 minutes, then take the towel off.
Air dry your hair instead of using a blow dryer or hair dryer (the kind with bonnets attached to a hose). This will also cut down on split ends. Using a curling iron or hot rollers is acceptable, but this can also damage your hair if not done properly.

I have very thick hair that I inherited from both grandmothers. It is naturally wavy and two inches past my shoulders. Since I myself can have the "frizzies," I choose to use a deep conditioner on the weekends, and throughout the week, I use a shampoo plus conditioner. After each hair cleaning, I use a hair pick. Then I "wipe" hair gel onto the top of my wet hair and gently rub it on the back of my hair near the ends. I then let it air dry and then finger comb it for softer waves and/or curls. Wal-Mart sells hair gel called L.A. Looks in a big pump for approximately $2, which lasts me two months. I choose to get a level 9 hair gel for super hold because my hair is so thick. You may only need a lower level if your hair is not that thick. The shampoo and conditioner I use is the Suave "smoothing" kind and I also get that at Wal-Mart for around $1.50 or less.

I used to deep condition my hair using "real" mayonnaise. I would hair pick the mayonnaise into my hair, put a hot towel on it, and wrap plastic wrap around that (olive oil will work too). I would let it set for 15 to 20 minutes. The hot towel wrapped in plastic wrap helps the oils to penetrate your hair. But I decided that I didn't like the smell so I switched to Pantene deep conditioner. A bottle will last me two months since I only deep condition on the weekends. I have to let it set in my hair for five minutes (instead of three like it says on the bottle) before rinsing it out.
This Simple Solution Works

I manage my own and my daughter's frizzy hair with nothing more than a spray bottle filled with a mixture of water and hair conditioner. I spray it on and comb through. The conditioner helps me avoid tangles and keeps the frizzies controlled as well! The balance of water to conditioner is personal choice.
Use Shea Butter

This subject just came up at my soap making group. They suggested using shea butter. It can be purchased from a soap supply place, but you might be able to find someone who would share a little. It only takes a little bit. Rub it between your fingers and through your hair. Your hair will not look greasy; it will just be smooth and shiny.
Baby Oil May Help

Use baby oil after you wash your hair. Style like you normally would. Blow dry it, curl it, or let it go naturally.