Cool Customer

Cool CustomerSilverman Helps a couple to keep their cool after an air conditioning installation created heat.

Imagine making an appointment to have an air conditioner installed in the heat of summer. Now imagine how hot under the collar you’d be if the company took your deposit and never completed the job. It’s the position Gregory and Anne Sitarz found themselves in, when they hired Canada’s Home Renovation Depot to put in a mounted wall unit in July 2002. The total job was supposed to cost $4,000, and they put down a $1,000 deposit.

But when the company discovered the electrical system in their building wouldn’t support the unit, they waited to get their deposit back. And waited. And waited. October arrived, but the refund never did. And despite repeated calls to the company, the cheque was never in the mail.

Until the Sitarz phoned Silverman Helps. We tracked down a company rep, who told us he had to wait until his boss came back from Europe. We told him his former customers had waited long enough, and they were obliged to come up with the refund. Not long after they did, sending Gregory two $500 cheques. Which, unlike his air conditioner, he quickly turned into ‘cold?cash.