Cooling Systems suit NEMA 4x enclosures

Closed-Loop Cooling Systems

Full-featured Air Conditioners for Electrical Enclosures

Cold Pumps?, from ITW Vortec, are reliable air conditioning systems for electrical control panels and enclosures. Four new, corrosion-resistant models are now available for NEMA 4X enclosures, ranging from 1600 to 8500 BTUH. The Cold Pump? line includes models for NEMA 12 rated enclosures, sized to handle requirements from 1800 to 6000 BTUH. Both 115v and 230v models are available. These UL listed and CE approved units have rugged construction and quality components to stand up to the harshest industrial environments. Cold Pump? Cooling Systems are thermostatically controlled, closed-loop air conditioners that use CFC-free refrigerants. Room air is continuously drawn through an external filter, across condenser coils (where it removes the heat drawn from the enclosure) and flows out the top external vent. The sealed enclosure remains clean and cool because internal air is cooled and dehumidified continuously as it is drawn across the evaporator coils. With top and side mount models available, these units are perfect for both new installations as well as retrofitting to cabinets already in place.