Custody Concerns

Custody ConcernsSilverman Helps reunite a father with his son, after a divorce agreement became a split decision.

The last time we saw George Lights he had tears of sorrow in his eyes. His deep pain was caused by the thought he might never get to see his young son Brendan again. The boy was taken from Toronto to Newfoundland by his mother, in direct violation of a joint custody agreement.

But even though George obtained an Ontario court order demanding he be brought back, the government in Newfoundland wouldn't honour it. The dilemma left George in a quandary: spend the time and a fortune to fight the ruling, or give up the chance to see his son. His decision was to call Silverman Helps. We contacted provincial Attorney General David Young, who helped to work out a new inter-jurisdictional agreement between the two provinces. And that in turn led to new tears in Georgeís eyes ?tears, this time, of joy.

He welcomed his son back to Pearson International Airport one day after his fifth birthday. He was forced to sign a new custody agreement in Newfoundland, but to this relieved father, it was worth it. Heíll now get to be with his boy for four months a year. And even though itís too short a time, for George, every moment will be precious.