Cut your power bill with these everyday energy savers

Air Conditioner
If your power bill makes you hot under the collar, consider buying an Energy Star-labeled window unit. Such units, plus making sure you've picked the right size for your needs, are great ways to save energy and money. A medium-sized room (400 to 450 square feet) needs a unit with a 10,000 BTU capacity, such as this GE air conditioner. And no matter if you lean toward being hot or cold, you'll find the right temperature setting with eight offered options. With the unit weighing in at 99 pounds, you might even choose to follow the included install-it-yourself guide. See the PDF energy guide.

Washer-dryer Combo
Don't be fooled by this diminutive size°™it's a hardworking beast. With a load capacity of 13 pounds, the Energy Star-labeled washer doesn't skimp on performance and saves you space and energy to boot. Manufactured in Europe by Equator, the unit features six wash cycles and has three water temperatures. As far as measured savings go, if you use a natural gas water heater, the washer will cost the average U.S. household just $6 per year in energy costs.

Your fridge runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So if you can save energy while preserving your food, you're on your way to saving some cash, too. Take a peek at this Energy Star-labeled side-by-side refrigerator from GE's Arctica line. Such units feature a CustomCool drawer that lets you choose the ExpressChill, ExpressThaw or SelectTemp depending on what you put inside. There's also a water and ice dispenser on the door, of course. Aside from the amenities it affords, know that this investment pays off, as an inefficient refrigerator is often the worst energy-guzzling appliance in the house. Download PDF energy guide.

Use ENERGY STAR-qualified dishwashers with internal water heaters and you'll shave 20 percent off your water heating costs. This Maytag model is a prime example and offers convenience features, such as sound reduction, delay wash, food disposer and adjustable racks. It's available in white, black and bisque colors and you can also choose a stainless steel door and access panels. Download the PDF energy guide.