Duct Diagnostic and Sealing

How We Help You with Leaking Air Ducts
Ducts in the average 10-15 year old home leak 15% to 40% of the home's heating and cooling right into the attic. Leaking ducts can also affect air quality in your home. They can pull dust and other pollutants into your air system.
Diagnostic Testing
For $50 per air conditioning system, you will receive a diagnostic test of your home and a complete report that will tell you:

If your ducts have significant leaks

If each room is receiving sufficient air flow and properly cooled air

If unsafe carbon monoxide is being drawn into your home

If your return air vents are taking in sufficient air

If your return air vents are drawing in unconditioned air, introducing allergens into your home

Program Eligibility

You must be an Austin Energy electric customer.

The property owner must apply for the program.

You must have an existing central air conditioner or heat pump.