Energy Efficiency

How the Program Works
A radio-controlled switch on the Superstat? thermostat cycles off your air conditioner compressor when it receives a signal from Austin Energy. The fan will continue to run as normal, circulating cool air.

Customer Benefits

Free A/C check to determine compatibility with this type of programmable thermostat. Includes a visual inspection of your air conditioner.

Free Honeywell Superstat? programmable thermostat.

Free repairs. Receive customer service support every day, 24 hours a day. And receive free repairs or replacement of your thermostat for as long as you are a Power Partner.

Energy-savings. Depending on thermostat settings, most customers save 10-20 percent on their energy bill year-round by using a programmable thermostat.

Year-round comfort. Arrive to an already cooled (or heated) home or building.

Equipment protection. A time delay to allow coolant to reset before equipment powers back up after a cycling session or a power outage (protects equipment).

Risk-Free participation. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are ever dissatisfied with the program, we will remove the equipment and reinstall your old thermostat at no charge to you.

Standardization. Replace all you eligible air conditioner thermostats

Lock boxes. Provided at no cost if requested prior to the thermostat installation.

Program Eligibility
Any Austin Energy residential or commercial electric customer with Standard-type air conditioners (split systems, package units or heat pumps). Heater portion can be either gas or electric.

Systems must meet the following specifications:

Size of air conditioning equipment must be 10-tons or less. (A larger tonnage system might also qualify after an inspection. )

Equipment must not be controlled by another building automation system.

Equipment must be in reasonably good mechanical condition.

Residential and commercial leased facilities require an Installation Approval Form (pdf) signed by the building/home owner/agent.