Evaporative Cooler offers alternative to air conditioner

Keeping People Cool In The Summer Heat Without Air Conditioning - How Evaporative Cooling Works Without Freon Using Only Water And Electricity

Works Where Air Conditioning Won't, COOL-SPACE? Portable Evaporative Cooler Provides Effective Evaporative Cooling For Only Pennies Per Day.

Fishers, Indiana - February 1, 2004: If you've never heard of evaporative cooling or how it works, just look to the human body as one of the most efficient evaporative cooling mechanisms designed.

When faced with rising temperatures, the body perspires leaving water on our skin. As the air passes over the water a unique transfer takes place. As the water evaporates the heat energy is transferred away from the body, leaving our skin feeling cooler.

This water evaporation process can also be used to cool air temperatures in rooms, offices, areas and buildings where people need to stay cool. Portable evaporative coolers take the water evaporation process and generate cool air that is between 5 and 26 degrees cooler that the air around it. Through high velocity fans it then blows this cooler air into areas or at people that need to stay cool.

A portable evaporative cooler is an energy efficient cooling device. It only requires plugging in and attaching to a garden hose in order to begin generating cool air for its owner. Once on, at the intake side of the cooler, water is fed over eight inch think cooling pads that become soaked. On the other, outflow side of the cooler, a powerful fan pulls hot air through the water soaked pads.

This is where the magic of evaporation takes place. The water soaked pads "cool" the hot air passing through the pads (through evaporation), dropping temperatures 5 to 26 degrees depending upon the humidity. The exiting cool air is then blown to hot spots or at people or employees than need to keep cool.

The cost to do this is minimal. An energy efficient fan and water pump draw low levels of electricity so the cost of operating an evaporative cooler is only pennies a day. By contrast, air conditioning requires Freon, or like substance, to cool coils that then cool the air that passes over it. This requires a large amount of electricity and is the reason energy conscious people avoid excessive usage of A/C in their homes. They know their electric bill will skyrocket using the A/C!

Evaporative coolers work best in environments that have good circulation. Although they operate best in low humidity environments they also work in high humidity! Depending upon the humidity levels, they may only drop temperatures 8-12 degrees instead of 20-26 degrees. But as anyone who works in 90 degree temperatures knows, 80 degrees feels a lot better than 90 degrees any day!

The COOL-SPACE? Portable Evaporative Cooler is a high efficiency cooler designed to operate in harsh environments C keeping employees and people cool in all levels of heat. Like the coolers mentioned above COOL-SPACE? coolers take only minutes to set up and run. Just plug into a standard wall outlet, attach to a garden hose and start cooling!

For years COOL-SPACE? coolers have been keeping thousands of people, places, work environments and more otherwise undesirably hot places COOL. For 2003 the 16-inch COOL-SPACE? cooler model has been redesigned with an extra large internal water reservoir. This large reservoir allows the cooler to be filled up with water, disconnected from the garden hose if desired, and then run for up to 8 hours. This allows the cooler to be placed in locations where a constant water source is not available, and still operate for extended periods of time.