Friedrich YM18J34A 17500/17500 BTU Room Air Conditioner TWINTEMP Heat/Cool with Heat Pump

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Product Description

The Friedrich YM18J34A Air Condtioner is a fine model. Running at 17500/17500 Cooling BTU and 16500/16300 Heating BTU the YM18J34A comes with loads of features. Some of those features include a Eight-way air flow control, Fresh air intake and stale air exhaust vents, and a Super high energy efficiency for low operating cost.While many new names are entering the room air conditioner business, Friedrich has been making productsof uncompromising qualitysince 1883. From that time on, Friedrich has develoved a reputation for building durable, high qualityair conditioners with exceptionalenergy effinciencies. Friedrich was also the first to bring easy to use electronic controls to room air conditioners.