Gree Soleus Air KY-32U 12,000 BTU Portable air conditioner

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Product Description

On Sale 3 Days Only!!! Only one of its kind, Remote Controlled or manual, portable 12000 BTU cooling capacity with whisper quite operation Can be used in office and residences as an air conditioner, a fan or a dehumidifier with a programmable 24 hour timer with automatic start stop. Its 3-speed fan enhance cooling and fan performance and maximize energy efficiency to improve air circulation in poorly ventilated environments. built-in overflow and auto shut off alarm for 3 liter dehumidifier. There is virtually no installation necessary to bring comfort to your office or room. There is a built in micro PC that runs all functions. Comes with a venting kit to prevent hot air from re-circulating to the cooling room.This unit comes with a 6 foot air exhaust hose (5.25" diameter) and window kit that would fit any window that does not exceed 6 feet in height. The window kit can be manually cut with a saw to fit any requirements. Also comes with a 5.5 litre water tank with full alarm and over-flow protection function.