Hard Water Rebate

Hard Water RebateSilverman Helps track down a hard-to-find rebate.

Back in July, Christie and Barry Croll shelled out $1390 for a water softener. As a gesture of goodwill, the salesman gave them a $200 rebate. The water from the softener is flowing through the house, but that $200 rebate hasn't flowed into the familyís bank account.

Glacier Clear, the company that sold the softener, arranged financing for the purchase through National Bank Mastercard.

When the Crolls received their bill, it showed $1,390, and not the agreed on $1,190.

ďI called up Mastercard saying it should be $1,190 and paid the $1,190. I never paid the full amount to Mastercard, thinking they would clear it up with Glacier Clear,?Barry explained.

Barry called Glacier Clear 20 times and wrote Mastercard four times. Still the bills kept coming for the remaining $200, plus interest.

Barry called the Better Business Bureau, but the people at Glacier Clear refused to return their calls. Thatís when Silverman Helps entered the scene, calling the water company. They claimed that they had sent the money to the Better Business Bureau to pass on to Barry. When Silverman Helps told them that hadn't happened, they sent a cheque for $250 to compensate for the trouble.

And the rest is water under the bridge.