Heat Exchanger features NEMA 44X rating

Kooltronic Expands Line of NEMA 4/4X Heat Exchangers

Kooltronic, Inc., of Pennington, NJ, announced the release of the KNHE30 Water-to-Air Heat Exchanger. With this latest addition, Kooltronic now offers six NEMA 4/4X heat exchangers, including two Water-to-Air models. The KNHE30 combines the best features of NEMA 4/4X heat exchangers with the increased cooling capacity offered by the water-to-air models.

The Water-to-Air system provides uniform, closed-loop cooling for applications with cooling requirements in excess of the capabilities of Air-to-Air heat exchangers. Made of 304-2B stainless steel, the KNHE30 is designed primarily for use in harsh environments where a reliable source of clean, cool water is available. The actual cooling capacity of the KNHE30 depends on the temperature of the cooling water. Thus, if the water is cold enough, the temperature of the air delivered to the electronics cabinet can actually be lower than that provided by air conditioners.

According to Kooltronic's Director of Sales and Marketing, Rich Wenstrom, closed-loop NEMA 4/4X heat exchangers are particularly useful in highly contaminated environments. "Applications that would require frequent cleaning or changing of ambient air filters, or require frequent cleaning of the heat exchanger core are candidates for a NEMA 4/4X unit."

The KNHE30 is a 30 inch (h) x 12 inch (w) unit with a capacity of up to 74 Watts/F, is UL/CUL Listed and available in both 115V and 230V. Other standard features include a powerful motorized impeller, Kooltronic's exclusive M/TAB hanging mounting system for easy installation and a six foot power cord.

"We have been seeing a growing number of NEMA 4/4X applications recently," noted Rich Wenstrom. "The development of the KNHE30 shows our commitment to meeting this demand and strengthens our position as the leader in NEMA 4/4X cooling products."

With over 45 years of service to its customers, Kooltronic is the leading manufacturer of air conditioners, heat exchangers, fans and blowers designed specifically to cool the interior of enclosures containing heat sensitive electrical/electronic components. The company has a complete manufacturing facility and sales office at its headquarters in Pennington, NJ and a regional sales office in Ventura, CA.