Heating & Cooling Systems

Residential heating and cooling systems are strong contributors to both summer and winter peak load and account for 38% of home energy costs. Working with ENERGY STAR, energy efficiency program sponsors can help consumers effectively reduce these costs 10 to 40%.

Building an Effective ENERGY STAR Strategy
Begin the planning process by outlining goals, identifying methods to reach those goals, and determining how you will track progress. The following resources are designed to assist you in the planning process.

  • Overview of Central HVAC initiatives
  • Qualifying Product Information. Qualified products are available in over 30 categories for residential and commercial use and are 10-25% more efficient than required by the federal standard while providing top performance and innovative features. Follow this link for product specifications, qualified product lists and ENERGY STAR savings calculators.
  • Planning & Evaluation Resources. The following documents provide information to assist you in program planning.

    • Regional Savings Opportunities Assessment (35KB)
    • Evaluation, reports, and forecasting resources

  • Partner meetings. EPA and DOE periodically co-host national partner meetings on key sectors of interest to partners. These meetings facilitate networking among retailers, energy efficiency program sponsors, and manufacturers and provides an opportunity to share best practices.

    • ENERGY STAR Lighting Partner Meeting (6KB)
    • ENERGY STAR Appliance and HVAC Partner Meeting (11KB)

In addition, EPA and DOE sponsor meetings with stakeholders to discuss specifications for products in development.

Consumer Education & Outreach
Promote ENERGY STAR heating and cooling systems, installation best practices, right-sizing of equipment, and proper sealing of ducts.

  • National Cooling Promotion
  • Heating & Cooling Brochure (756KB)
  • Heating Product Templates Mac | PC
  • Cooling Product Templates Mac | PC
  • HVAC Consumer Education Guide (1MB)
  • Duct Quiz
  • All About Ducts
  • Telltale replacement signs
  • Working With Your Contractor
  • Heating Tips (274KB)
  • Heating FAQ (273KB)
  • Heating Fast Facts (276KB)

Contractor Outreach
Promote installation best practices and sales training

  • National Cooling Promotion
  • Train-the-trainer sales training for HVAC contractors
  • Heating Product Templates Mac | PC
  • Cooling Product Templates Mac | PC
  • Quality installation guidelines
  • HVAC system maintenence guidelines
  • Duct sealing specifications (13KB)
  • Right-sized air conditioner (73KB)
  • Duct insulation (75KB)
  • Duct sealing (68KB)
  • Locating ducts within conditioned space (79KB)
  • Duct sizing/compact ducts (70KB)

Financing and incentives
Spread the word about ENERGY STAR financing or offer special deals for ENERGY STAR products.

  • Financing and special deals
  • Guidelines for developing an ENERGY STAR financing program