Heavy Duty Air Conditioner A Best Buy

Consumers Digest, a respected source for product reviews and recommendations, has selected Friedrich Air Conditioning's QuietMaster Heavy Duty SL35J30 as a consumer's "best buy."

The SL35J30 is the largest of the three large capacity air conditioners cited as best buys with 35,000 BTU/h. Its features include ultraquiet operation, three cooling speeds plus fan-only setting, slide out chassis, fresh air intake and stale air exhaust vents, easy-to-clean filter with antimicrobial treatment for protection against fungal and bacterial growth, and a MoneySaver setting which saves energy by cycling the fan with the compressor.

As stated by the publisher, "the American consumer is besieged by all kinds of claims and counter-claims in a complex and very competitive marketplace. The Best Buy recognition cuts through the confusion by directing consumers toward superior values from among all models available to them. These products, therefore, gain greater acceptance from the millions of consumers whose final purchase decisions are guided by this designation."