How green is your home?

A majority of Aussies reckon they're concerned about the environment (70%), and about 10% think environmental problems are the most important social issue. Still, when it comes to putting this into practice:

Only about half of all dwellings have some form of insulation.
More than half of all households don't take any steps to conserve water.
Almost every second household has two or more cars.A common reason for inaction, of course, is cost it's the main factor discouraging people from installing insulation, for example. However, if you can afford the initial cost of insulation you'll reduce your heating and cooling needs and your energy bills enough to recover the installation costs within a few years. It'll reduce your home's environmental impact and make it more comfortable to live in.

This is true for many and saving measures.

So try our to find out your home's overall environmental impact, and where you can improve the most. Our tips tell you how you can achieve this and whether there's money to be saved as a result.