Junior Air Purifier

Austin Hega Junior Air Purifier

The Austin Air HEGA Junior air purifier is an economical answer to VOC, gas and odor removal.

Austin HEGA Jr. Air Purifiers are ideal for ...

  • A new baby that needs to be protected from room chemicals and gases as well as small dust or dander particles
  • An air filter that doesn't offgas
  • A city dweller with medium particulate allergies or a young child who also may have neighborhood pollutants that produce odors, gases and or soot

Features of the Austin HEGA Jr. Air Purifiers

Benefits of HEGA - High Efficiency Gas Adsorption
HEGA lasts up to 30 times longer than conventional carbon & zeolite filters and weighs 5 pounds less. The Austin HEGA air purifier machine uses very little energy even on its highest setting and the replacement HEGA filter costs are low.

HEGA Technology Explained
Most people have heard of HEPA filtration which is HIGH EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE ADSORPTION filtration (good for small particles such as dust, danger, pollen, mold, etc.).

Some allergy sufferers also need chemicals, odors, and gases removed from their environments (new homes, city living, apartment living). This type of gas filtration is usually achieved by using some type of carbon or carbon & zeolite pellets to absorb the gases and odors. Some manufacturers are now also using a carbon cloth filter for gas and odor control. Wouldn't it be great to combine both technologies to remove particulates, gases and odors?

Austin Air's product development team listened and developed a method for combining the carbon cloth's gas trapping properties with HEPA particles filtration. Austin engineers named their new filtration discovery HEGA - High Efficiency Gas Adsorption. Activated carbon is woven into a lightweight cloth, which is powerful enough to protect military personnel from toxic poisons.

Best Information About Air Purifiers

Features of the Austin HEGA JUNIOR Purifiers

Cleaning power
Designed to clean 1 room (we recommend 150 sq. ft. if low fan speed used to achieve 6-8 air changes per hour)

Weight of the Austin HEGA Jr.
18 lbs

Comes with 'Permafilt' pre-filter design to be vacuumed from the outside. Does not need replacement.

HEPA Filter media
30 sq. ft. of HEPA. Replace every 5 years.

Carbon Cloth Filter
A woven carbon cloth filter, the HEGA Jr. filter traps contaminants in the large surface area of the cloth. Replace every 5 years.

1 amps, 80 watts

Size of the Austin HEGA Jr.
70% to scale of regualar Austin HEGA

Dimensions of the Austin HEGA
16?" x 11" x 11"

Noise Level
30 - 64 dba

Air Intake
Fan Control
3 speed switch

Black, White and Sandstone

Metal non offgassing

Comes with 'Permafilt' pre-filter design to be vacuumed from the outside. Does not need replacement.


Austin HEGA Jr. Warranty
5 years on all parts and labor

Filter Guarantee
5 year pro-rated guarantee under residential use