Lost In A Vacuum

Lost In A VacuumSilverman Helps a senior who nearly got sucked in by a large vacuum.

Evelyn Douglas thought she was lucky. A caller on the end of the phone told her she’d just won a prize, and someone would be there the next day to give it to her. The day came, but no prize showed up. Only a prize-winning salesman, who somehow convinced the elderly senior to buy a $2,481 heavy duty vacuum cleaner. And we do mean heavy. The monster machine was so big and powerful, Evelyn couldn’t even lift it. To make matters worse, the company, Tristar, left the new model and took away her old Hoover.

Evelyn insists the salesman told her she had two years to pay for her purchase ?but she didn’t get it in writing. Instead he got her credit card, and the amount was deducted from her account the next day. And she claims the company refused to take it back.

Desperate, she called Silverman Helps. And we, in turn, called Tristar. They were adamant there had been a foul-up involving some strict company policy on these kinds of situations. And they promised to give Evelyn a full refund within 72 hours. Which they did, with an added bonus: they replaced her old vacuum with a newer model.