Mending Fences

Mending FencesSilverman Helps a homeowner who had to do some fencing over some fencing.

All John Pipilas wanted was a new fence. When he asked his neighbours who they used, they told him about Land Tech Inc. So he called them, giving them a $680 deposit toward building him a new high wooden barrier in his backyard. That was in April. That turned into May, then June, July and August. But the only fence John went on was the off-fence-ive. He called repeatedly and even went to the companyís headquarters. But they never got back to him, they never built his fence ?and they never returned his deposit.

Until, that is, he called Silverman Helps. We talked to owner Ron Herskovitz several times over three months, and he admitted that due to some unforeseen circumstances ?mainly, an illness - he wasnít able to get there in a timely manner. But there was one thing he agreed to do on time: refund the money.

We took both a letter of apology and a cheque to John, who was happy to no longer be fenced in by the deal. He eventually hired another firm to put up the structure, and those people put his backyard on the front burner.