New Dual Zone Ductless Air Conditioner

Friedrich has introduced a new, larger capacity dual zone ductless split system for 2002. With BTU/h approaching 19,000 and a 10.5 SEER, this system allows users to cool two adjoining rooms or long narrow rooms, or to provide back-up systems in remote areas. Cooling is achieved using two indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. This installation design saves time and minimizes the use of outdoor space, reducing expenditures on landscaping needed to conceal additional outdoor condensing units and maximizing available outdoor open space. Each unit is independently controlled for optimum zone cooling flexibility.

Enhanced features on the new model include: auto-shut flaps that give the unit a sleeker look when the unit is not operating; an auto-restart feature that restarts the unit automatically if the power supply is interrupted and provides added protection when cooling expensive equipment; and, low ambient operation down to zero degrees Fahrenheit which can be critical when cooling computers or other expensive equipment.

Units are equipped with a wireless remote control featuring a 24-hour timer, a sleep timer that allows users to preset the unit to gradually raise the room temperature while

they are sleeping as well as shut the unit off automatically, four fan speeds including a new “quiet?setting for sleeping and an auto-fan setting that automatically regulates fan speed based on the room temperature.

Ductless split systems are easy to install and operate. They work well for many applications including renovations, room additions and energy-efficient zone cooling. Indoor units are slim and can be located virtually anywhere, making them suitable for almost any room configuration.