Now compare a cooler with an air conditioner

Hi I have been using DB 2000 for over one year. It comes from a company of great repute unlike some more recent brands. You don't know how long they'll last. I will strongly recommend the Bajaj series of air coolers.

Now about the product. I, for one, firmly believe no air cooler should placed inside the room whatever the adverts/pamphlets may claim. Air cooler principle: it draws hot drier air (ie, it won't work in coastal areas) from the atmosphere. When it passes through wet pads with small interstices, the hot air causes the water to evaporate, thus losing heat (becoming cooler and laden with some moisture). Therefore 3 sides of the cooler have to be exposed to the atmosphere. Further, there should be an outlet for (moisture laden) cooler air to escape from the room- preferably a door, window or exhaust fan outlet (fan - consuming 45 watts - turned on if possible). Once these conditions are met, coolers will work to your complete satisfaction. Violate either condition the cooler becomes ineffective. There's no point ignoring the physics behind the air cooler principle and complaining as some (misled?) folks have on this forum.

My cooler makes the room cold enough to sleep with a sheet. I can control the humidity and fan speed. About 55 litres of water take 10 minutes to fill and make that twice a day. A nozzle is provided on right hand side bottom rear corner, besides a front inlet. When it's raining I just use the blower and turn the pump off. They could have provided an inlet valve to prevent overflow.

Now compare a cooler with an air conditioner, since we have both - an cooler and a/c installed in different rooms.

Pros : Taking all costs into account, one fourth the initial cost of an a/c (~ 5700 vs. 22000); lower running costs (cooler rated for 400 W vs. 1800~2000 W for an a/c) and fresh air (thats priceless if you have any respiratory problem).
Cons: You have to ensure water level is maintained (i'm sure we can spare 10 minutes to ensure that). Hum levels are slightly higher compared to the best a/c's but certainly not to the assembled or older a/c's. It doesn't distrurb my night's sleep. Lastly, coolers don't have a timer or thermostat control in case it gets too cold for comfort.