Portable Air Conditioner rolls from room to room


Portable Air Conditioner rolls from room to room, as you need it…no permanent (nor semi-permanent) installation!

--This is not one of those ineffective air “coolers?you’ve seen. This is a true, self-contained air “conditioner? one that’s vented outdoors and needs no water…but it also needs no permanent or semi-permanent installation (like window units), so you can roll it wherever and whenever you need it!

Continuously exhausts the room’s warm, humid air out through any window or door. 10,000-btu air conditioner cools and dehumidifies up to 38 pints of moisture per day from a 17’x20?room! Evaporated moisture is exhausted through the 6?long vent hose, so no condensate tank is needed. Set the comfort level you desire with the digital-temp. thermostat, and choose from two fan speeds. Choose “continuous on?or use the 12-hour “on?timer, perfect for bedtime.

Includes remote control, permanent washable air filter, plus venting kit. Weighs 65 lbs., but includes durable, smooth-rolling casters, plus handles, for rolling room to room. High-impact ABS plastic housing. 8?long cord plugs into any grounded outlet. 11.0 energy efficiency rating. 15”x16”x30?tall. UL listed. Allow 4 weeks for delivery. No air shipment.