Portable Air Conditioner cools small rooms and data closets

APC's New PA4000 Portable Air Conditioner Is Ideal for Cooling Small Rooms and Data Closets Housing IT Equipment

WEST KINGSTON, R.I. -- September 22, 2003 -- American Power Conversion (NASDAQ: APCC) (APC) today announced a new portable air-conditioner that complements its line of innovative cooling solutions for corporate data centers, small to medium businesses, access providers and small office/home office users. The PA4000 is a portable and compact air conditioner designed for localized cooling in small areas. It can be deployed quickly and easily, providing up to 4kW of air conditioning, without the need for an expensive installation.

"Small data centers and IT closets with sensitive electronic equipment require a dedicated and reliable cooling source," said Rob Johnson, vice president of APC's Availability Enhancements Group. "As companies grow, move departments or relocate, the PA4000's portability gives users the flexibility to move cooling equipment along with servers, internetworking, and communications hardware."

Typical portable air-conditioning systems use some of the cool air generated by the unit to cool the condenser, which diminishes the ability of the air-conditioner to cool IT equipment. By contrast, the PA4000's dual ducts bring in air from outside and remove the hot air using a dual ducting kit for the inlet and exhaust condenser air. This gives users the ability to generate a total of 4kW of cool air for IT equipment. The ducting kit and condensate pump, optional accessories from most manufacturers, are standard features with the PA4000.

Additionally, building-wide air conditioning systems typically reduce the amount of cooling during non-business hours. The PA4000 is programmable with built-in scheduled operation to supplement existing air conditioning systems so that critical IT and telecommunications equipment does not overheat, even when the building air conditioning cooling levels are reduced.

Other features include:

Dual-float condensate pump for reliable and unattended condensate removal;

Replaceable ASHRAE standard 30% filter;

Multiple blower speed settings, that enable users to increase the amount of dehumidification for humid environments, and

Programmable set points and on-off scheduling.

This new product is currently available in North America for an estimated resale price of $3,499.00. To learn more about APC's award-winning cooling solutions, power protection and management solutions and services, please visit APC on the Web at www.apc.com or call 800-788-4080.

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