Portable Room Air Conditioners

Portable Room Air Conditioners AVENGER portable room air conditioners are on the attack in situations where normal air conditioning will not perform without excessive expense. These portable ac units are an excellent way to keep your room cool and comfortable. Wherever a quick, quiet and efficient cooling system is needed to keep people and equipment at peak performance in a commercial/industrial environment, call on THE AVENGER, the newest generation of high efficiency spot coolers.
Our portable room air conditioners have been specifically engineered, tested and proven to provide affordable temperature control necessary to prevent equipment disasters and production down time, even in the most severe heat conditions.
The cooling capabilities of this All-American made portable room air conditioner provide the optimum temperatures for your expensive equipment and your business bottom line.
While the concept of spot cooling is not new, the All-American AVENGER certainly is the result of years of advanced technical research by HVAC experts under the supervision of Stokley's Services, a 58 year old company that is respected for their unwavering commitment to the highest quality product delivery and service.
All models are UL listed and remarkably quiet. They are designed to withstand years of continued use with operating ranges between 65 and 119 degrees Fahrenheit, and require no expensive ducting or ventilation. All units come with a twelve-month warranty with 36 months for the compressor and are supported by an extensive sales and rentals dealer network.
The AVENGER rolls effortlessly into place and accomplishes its cooling task with quiet precision. It is the most effective, cost efficient product of its kind on the market today.
The AVENGER is made in America with American components for and by American workers. It is the result of a collaboration between the Department of Engineering Technology at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, The Virginia Center for Innovative Technology, Hampton, Virginia, Virginia Chamber of Commerce, and a consortium of talented research and development specialists. The project is spearheaded by Stokley's Services, a company with over a half century of leadership in the HVAC industry. The manufacturing of the AVENGER supports 100,000 jobs across our nation. This is the innovative new AVENGER...America at its best.