Power Modules control appliance motors

New Series Of SPM(TM) (Smart Power Module) Products Offer Optimized, Integrated Solution For 10~20A Appliance Motor Control

Bucheon, Korea -May 14, 2002- Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE: FCS) introduces a new series of SPM? (Smart Power Module) products in compact Dual In-line Packages (DIP). The new DIP-SPM products provide complete adjustable-speed motor drive control and fully integrated circuit protection for ac motors found in appliance applications such as washing machines and air conditioners. Compared to discrete IGBT solutions, the integrated SPM requires less than half the board space, while providing low-voltage control and high-voltage output stage rated at 10-20A at 230Vac. The DIP-SPM comes in a small (60 x 31mm), ceramic-based transfer molded-type package that optimizes heat transfer from the IGBTs, achieving a 27% higher power rating than a conventional TO-220F package. The high-speed high voltage control circuit (HVIC) built into the module eliminates the need for opto-couplers and allows the IGBTs to be driven by a single bias supply. This significantly simplifies the product's design and therefore reduces cost. In addition, the Smart Power Module's advanced current-sensing IGBT chips provide short-circuit current detection and protection. The need for fewer parts further reduces time for system design and manufacturing and diminishes the field failure ratio.

Other features of the DIP-SPM products that benefit system designs include built-in high- and low-speed controls for user- flexibility. Full protection features ensure reliability, including an optional built-in thermistor for over-temperature monitoring. For advanced current sensing, IGBT chips on the module maintain continuous monitoring of the IGBT current for highly effective short-circuit current detection. The integrated HVIC also facilitates a single drive supply voltage to drive the device. Divided negative dc-link terminals provide inverter current sensing. The DIP version of the SPM enhances Fairchild's growing Smart Power Module portfolio, which includes the previously released SPMs available in a Triple In-line Package (TIP) targeting higher power motor applications.

Product Price and Information:

Part Rating Switching Built-In Primary Price
Number Frequency Thermistor Application (U.S.1K pcs)

FSBMIOSH60 IOA/600V High Speed 0 Washing Machine $15/piece
FSBMIOSH60 10A/600V High Speed X Washing Machine $14
FSAM15SH60 15A/600V High Speed 0 Washing Machine $17
FSBM15SH60 15A/600V High Speed X Washing Machine $16
FSAM15SL60 15A/600V Low Speed 0 Air Conditioner $17
FSBM15SL60 15A/600V Low Speed X Air Conditioner $16
FSAM20SL60 20A/600V Low Speed 0 Air Conditioner $19
FSBM20SL60 20A/600V Low Speed X Air Conditioner $18