Protecting Your Electronic Equipment

Protecting Your Electronic Equipment
Modern electronic equipment is much more sensitive to electrical disturbances, such as power fluctuations, than traditional equipment.
Some electronic equipment now includes built-in protection against disturbances, so be sure to ask if the equipment you're purchasing has such protection and what it will do. For equipment without protection, it's possible to purchase devices such as surge suppressors and standby power systems.
Although electronic equipment can be damaged by power surges, faulty wiring or improper grounding, you can avoid damage by:

Limiting the amount of equipment using one plug.
Not plugging sensitive equipment into a circuit that powers an air conditioner or power tool; using a dedicated circuit instead.
Ensuring that the wiring in your house is properly grounded (call an electrician if your lights dim, circuit breakers trip or fuses blow frequently).
Using three-pronged plugs where appropriate.
Unplugging sensitive equipment when it's not in use or during an electrical storm.
Installing a surge suppressor or uninterruptible power supply unit with surge suppression.