Rack Mount Enclosure includes solid state air conditioner

Thermal Management Rack Mount Enclosure Features Companion Solid State Air Conditioner

The FRM Series enclosures provide the user with a sealed 19" rack mount cabinet that allows installation of sensitive electronic components in harsh environments. Enclosure comes complete with rack mount angles and front and rear locking doors. A clear scratch-resistant polycarbonate window front
door allows easy viewing of equipment, controls and displays (a full-length metal door is available). Standard equipment includes an all welded 12 gauge steel frame, 5" locking casters,
built in surge suppressor with a nine foot power cord and split panel for easy exit of cables.

The thermoelectric/solid state air conditioner shown mounted on the top of the enclosure offers a broad range of cooling/heating protection and is being used in many diverse applications such as communication equipment, laser cooling, crane controls and transportation cases for both industrial and military applications. Skyrocketing temperatures are reliably controlled internally with no outside air entering the cabinet. Models are available in 400, 800, and 1500 BTU per hour. A number of distinct advantages over conventional compressor based systems include:

* Compact in size and lightweight
* Mount in vertical or horizontal orientation
* Withstand shock and vibration in mobile applications
* Low acoustic noise
* Lower power requirements than most similar products